Chapter 38.12 RCW


RCW Sections

38.12.010Adjutant general -- Bond.
38.12.015Department organized into separate divisions -- Army national guard -- Air national guard -- Assistant adjutants general.
38.12.020Powers and duties.
38.12.030Adjutant general and assistant adjutants general -- How chosen -- Annual salaries -- Members of judiciary eligible to serve in guard.
38.12.060Officers to be commissioned by the governor.
38.12.070Examining board.
38.12.095Appointment or promotion of commissioned officers to be made by officer promotion board -- Exceptions.
38.12.105Criteria and guidelines for promotion of commissioned officers.
38.12.115Officer promotion board -- Meetings -- Powers and duties.
38.12.125Officer promotion board -- Composition.
38.12.135Officer promotion board -- Official acts -- Approval requirements -- Rules.
38.12.150Officer to take oath.
38.12.160Oath, form of.
38.12.170Termination of officers' membership -- Review of retention potential.
38.12.180Retirement of officers.
38.12.200Uniform allowance to officers.

Militia -- Organization -- Discipline -- Officers -- Power to call out: State Constitution Art. 10 ยง 2.