Chapter 36.87 RCW


RCW Sections

36.87.010Resolution of intention to vacate.
36.87.020County road frontage owners' petition -- Bond, cash deposit, or fee.
36.87.030County road frontage owners' petition -- Action on petition.
36.87.040Engineer's report.
36.87.050Notice of hearing on report.
36.87.070Expense of proceeding.
36.87.080Majority vote required.
36.87.090Vacation of road unopened for five years -- Exceptions.
36.87.100Classification of roads for which public expenditures made -- Compensation of county.
36.87.110Classification of roads for which no public expenditures made -- Compensation of county.
36.87.120Appraised value as basis for compensation -- Appraisal costs.
36.87.130Vacation of roads abutting bodies of water prohibited unless for public purposes or industrial use.
36.87.140Retention of easement for public utilities and services.
36.87.900Severability -- 1969 ex.s. c 185.