Chapter 36.82 RCW


RCW Sections

36.82.010"County road fund" created.
36.82.020County road fund -- Limitation upon expenditures.
36.82.040General tax levy for road fund -- Exceptions.
36.82.050Receipts from motor vehicle fund to road fund.
36.82.060Federal reimbursement to road fund.
36.82.070Purpose for which road fund can be used.
36.82.075Use of county road funds in cooperative agreement with conservation district.
36.82.080Purpose for which road fund can be used -- Payment of bond or warrant interest and principal.
36.82.090Anticipation warrants against road fund.
36.82.100Purchases of road material extraction equipment -- Sale of surplus materials.
36.82.110Voluntary contributions for improvements to county roads -- Standards.
36.82.120Purchases of road material extraction equipment -- Proceeds to road fund.
36.82.140Forest roads may be maintained from road fund.
36.82.145Bicycle paths, lanes, routes, etc., may be constructed, maintained, or improved from county road fund -- Standards.
36.82.148Use of street and road funds for pedestrian rights-of-way -- Standards.
36.82.160County road budget -- Road budget to be prepared -- Estimates of expenditures.
36.82.170County road budget -- Budget as adopted filed with department of transportation.
36.82.180County road budget -- Preliminary supplemental budget.
36.82.190County road budget -- Notice of hearing on supplemental budget.
36.82.200County road budget -- Hearing, adoption, supplemental budget.
36.82.210Disposition of fines and forfeitures for violations.

Bicycles; pavement marking standards: RCW 47.36.280.

Employee safety award program, funds affected: RCW 36.32.460.