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Chapter 36.70A RCW


RCW Sections

36.70A.010Legislative findings.
36.70A.011Findings -- Rural lands.
36.70A.020Planning goals.
36.70A.035Public participation -- Notice provisions.
36.70A.040Who must plan -- Summary of requirements -- Resolution for partial planning -- Development regulations must implement comprehensive plans.
36.70A.045Phasing of comprehensive plan submittal.
36.70A.050Guidelines to classify agriculture, forest, and mineral lands and critical areas.
36.70A.060Natural resource lands and critical areas -- Development regulations.
36.70A.070Comprehensive plans -- Mandatory elements.
36.70A.080Comprehensive plans -- Optional elements.
36.70A.085Comprehensive plans -- Port elements.
36.70A.090Comprehensive plans -- Innovative techniques.
36.70A.100Comprehensive plans--Must be coordinated.
36.70A.103State agencies required to comply with comprehensive plans.
36.70A.106Comprehensive plans -- Development regulations -- Transmittal to state -- Amendments -- Expedited review.
36.70A.108Comprehensive plans -- Transportation element -- Multimodal transportation improvements and strategies.
36.70A.110Comprehensive plans -- Urban growth areas.
36.70A.115Comprehensive plans and development regulations must provide sufficient land capacity for development.
36.70A.120Planning activities and capital budget decisions -- Implementation in conformity with comprehensive plan.
36.70A.130Comprehensive plans -- Review procedures and schedules -- Amendments.
36.70A.1301Request to amend urban growth area -- Timing -- Criteria.
36.70A.131Mineral resource lands -- Review of related designations and development regulations.
36.70A.140Comprehensive plans -- Ensure public participation.
36.70A.150Identification of lands useful for public purposes.
36.70A.160Identification of open space corridors -- Purchase authorized.
36.70A.165Property designated as greenbelt or open space -- Not subject to adverse possession.
36.70A.170Natural resource lands and critical areas -- Designations.
36.70A.171Playing fields -- Compliance with this chapter.
36.70A.172Critical areas -- Designation and protection -- Best available science to be used.
36.70A.175Wetlands to be delineated in accordance with manual.
36.70A.177Agricultural lands -- Innovative zoning techniques -- Accessory uses.
36.70A.180Chapter implementation -- Intent.
36.70A.190Technical assistance, procedural criteria, grants, and mediation services.
36.70A.200Siting of essential public facilities -- Limitation on liability.
36.70A.210Countywide planning policies.
36.70A.215Review and evaluation program.
36.70A.250Growth management hearings board -- Creation -- Members.
36.70A.252Growth management hearings board -- Consolidation into environmental and land use hearings office.
36.70A.260Growth management hearings board -- Regional panels.
36.70A.270Growth management hearings board -- Conduct, procedure, and compensation.
36.70A.280Growth management hearings board -- Matters subject to review.
36.70A.290Growth management hearings board -- Petitions -- Evidence.
36.70A.295Growth management hearings board -- Direct judicial review.
36.70A.300Final orders.
36.70A.302Growth management hearings board -- Determination of invalidity -- Vesting of development permits -- Interim controls.
36.70A.305Expedited review.
36.70A.310Growth management hearings board -- Limitations on appeal by the state.
36.70A.320Presumption of validity -- Burden of proof -- Plans and regulations.
36.70A.3201Growth management hearings board -- Legislative intent and finding.
36.70A.335Order of invalidity issued before July 27, 1997.
36.70A.340Noncompliance and sanctions.
36.70A.350New fully contained communities.
36.70A.360Master planned resorts.
36.70A.362Master planned resorts -- Existing resort may be included.
36.70A.365Major industrial developments.
36.70A.367Major industrial developments -- Master planned locations.
36.70A.368Major industrial developments -- Master planned locations -- Reclaimed surface coal mine sites.
36.70A.370Protection of private property.
36.70A.380Extension of designation date.
36.70A.385Environmental planning pilot projects.
36.70A.390Moratoria, interim zoning controls -- Public hearing -- Limitation on length -- Exceptions.
36.70A.400Accessory apartments.
36.70A.410Treatment of residential structures occupied by persons with handicaps.
36.70A.420Transportation projects -- Findings -- Intent.
36.70A.430Transportation projects -- Collaborative review process.
36.70A.450Family day-care provider's home facility -- County or city may not prohibit in residential or commercial area -- Conditions.
36.70A.460Watershed restoration projects -- Permit processing -- Fish habitat enhancement project.
36.70A.470Project review -- Amendment suggestion procedure -- Definitions.
36.70A.480Shorelines of the state.
36.70A.481Construction -- Chapter 347, Laws of 1995.
36.70A.490Growth management planning and environmental review fund -- Established.
36.70A.500Growth management planning and environmental review fund -- Awarding of grant or loan -- Procedures.
36.70A.510General aviation airports.
36.70A.520National historic towns -- Designation.
36.70A.530Land use development incompatible with military installation not allowed -- Revision of comprehensive plans and development regulations.
36.70A.540Affordable housing incentive programs -- Low-income housing units.
36.70A.550Aquifer conservation zones.
36.70A.570Regulation of forest practices.
36.70A.695Development regulations -- Jurisdictions specified -- Electric vehicle infrastructure.
36.70A.700Purpose -- Intent -- 2011 c 360.
36.70A.705Voluntary stewardship program established -- Administered by commission -- Agency participation.
36.70A.710Critical areas protection -- Alternative to RCW 36.70A.060 -- County's responsibilities -- Procedures.
36.70A.715Funding by commission -- County's duties -- Watershed group established.
36.70A.720Watershed group's duties -- Work plan -- Conditional priority funding.
36.70A.725Technical review of work plan -- Time frame for action by director.
36.70A.730Report by watershed group -- Director consults with statewide advisory committee.
36.70A.735When work plan is not approved, fails, or is unfunded -- County's duties -- Rules.
36.70A.740Commission's duties -- Timelines.
36.70A.745Statewide advisory committee -- Membership.
36.70A.750Agricultural operators -- Individual stewardship plan.
36.70A.755Implementing the work plan.
36.70A.760Agricultural operators -- Withdrawal from program.
36.70A.800Role of growth strategies commission.
36.70A.900Severability -- 1990 1st ex.s. c 17.
36.70A.901Part, section headings not law -- 1990 1st ex.s. c 17.
36.70A.902Section headings not law -- 1991 sp.s. c 32.
36.70A.903Transfer of powers, duties, and functions.
36.70A.904Conflict with federal requirements -- 2011 c 360.

Agricultural lands -- Legislative directive of growth management act: See note following RCW 7.48.305.

Building permits--Evidence of adequate water supply required: RCW 19.27.097.

Expediting completion of projects of statewide significance -- Requirements of agreements: RCW 43.157.020.

Impact fees: RCW 82.02.050 through 82.02.100.

Population forecasts: RCW 43.62.035.

Regional transportation planning: Chapter 47.80 RCW.

Subdivision and short subdivision requirements: RCW 58.17.060, 58.17.110.