Chapter 36.32 RCW


"County commissioners" defined.
Board of commissioners establishedQuorum.
Commissioner districtsVoluntary change to electoral system.
Terms of commissioners.
Nomination by districtsVoluntary change to electoral system.
District-based electionsDefinitions.
District-based electionsWhen requiredProcedures.
District-based electionsRedistricting committeeMembership.
District-based electionsRedistricting committeeDistricting planRequirements.
Five-member commissionWhen authorizedBallot propositionPetitionProcedures.
Five-member commissionNewly created positionsHow filledCounty divided into five districts.
Five-member commissionNewly created positionsTerms of initially elected commissioners.
Five-member commissionsFour-year termsNominations by districtsElected by entire countyQuorum.
Five-member commissionsVacancies.
Conditions of official bond.
Vacancies on board.
Regular meetingsJoint regular meetingsRegular meetings held outside of the county seat.
Special meetingsJoint special meetings.
Chair of boardElection, powers.
Clerk of board.
Powers of legislative authorities.
Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
Authority to regulate massage therapistsLimitations.
Adoption of certain regulations proscribed.
Driving while under the influence of liquor or drugsMinimum penalties.
Postponement of action.
Official seal.
Record of proceedings.
Transcribing mutilated records.
Transcribing mutilated recordsPrior transcribing validated.
Transcribing mutilated recordsAuditor to direct transcribing, certify.
Transcribing mutilated recordsOriginal records to be preserved.
Special attorneys, employment of.
Inventory of county capitalized assets.
Competitive bidsPurchasing departmentCounties with a population of four hundred thousand or morePublic works proceduresRiverine and stormwater projectsExceptions.
Competitive bidsPurchasing departmentCounties with a population of less than four hundred thousand.
Competitive bidsRequirementsAdvertisementsExceptions.
Competitive bidsContract procedureContracts under forty thousand dollarsSmall works roster process.
Competitive bidsLeases of personal property.
Competitive bidsMultiple awards for road maintenance materials.
Competitive bidsPurchasing agent.
Competitive bidsInapplicability to certain agreements relating to water pollution control, solid waste handling facilities.
Competitive bidsExemptions.
Regulation of watercourses.
Regulation of watercoursesRemoval of obstructions.
Regulation of watercoursesTrees may be removed from riverbanks.
Transfer of ownership of county-owned vesselReview of vessel's physical condition.
Transfer of ownership of county-owned vesselFurther requirements.
Appeals from board's action.
Coordination of county administrative programsLegislative declaration.
Coordination of county administrative programsDuties incident to.
Coordination of county administrative programsCoordinating agencyAgency reimbursement.
Coordination of county administrative programsAttendance at conventions authorized.
Land surveys.
Land surveysRecord of surveys.
Nonmonthly employees, vacations and sick leaves.
Health care and group insurance.
Participation in Economic Opportunity Act programs.
Low-income housingLoans and grants.
Youth agenciesEstablishment authorized.
Juvenile curfews.
Parks, may designate name of.
Historic preservationAuthorization to acquire property, borrow money, issue bonds, etc.
Staff to aid in purchasing, poverty programs, parks, emergency services, budget, etc., authorized.
Tourist promotion.
Employee safety award programs.
Fire protection, ambulance or other emergency services provided by municipal corporations within countyFinancial and other assistance authorized.
Regulation of automatic number or location identificationProhibited.
Emergency medical service districtsCreation authorizedComposition of governing body.
County freeholdersMethod of filling vacancies.
Right-of-way donationsCredit against required improvements.
Child care facilitiesReview of need and demandAdoption of ordinances.
Conditional and special use permit applications by parties licensed or certified by the department of social and health services or the department of correctionsMediation prior to appeal required.
Settlement of Indian claims.
Conformance with chapter 43.97 RCW required.
Home rule charter countiesResidential care facilitiesReview of need and demandAdoption of ordinances.
Conservation area acquisition and maintenance.
Home rule charter counties subject to limitations on moratoria, interim zoning controls.
Building construction projectsCounty prohibited from requiring state agencies or local governments to provide bond or other security as a condition for issuance of permit.
Amateur radio antennasLocal regulation to conform with federal law.
Library capital facility areas authorized.
Abandoned or derelict vessels.
Air pollution control
advisory council, commissioner as member: RCW 70.94.240.
district, commissioner as member: RCW 70.94.100.
Board of law library trustees, commissioner as member: RCW 27.24.020.
Canvassing board, commissioner as member: RCW 39.40.030.
Cemeteries and funeral facilities, acquisition and operation of: Chapter 68.52 RCW.
Certified transcripts of commissioner meetings as evidence: RCW 5.44.070.
Continuity of government act, effect as to: RCW 42.14.040, 42.14.070.
County board of equalization, commissioners as: Chapter 84.48 RCW.
County board of health, commissioners as members of: RCW 70.05.030.
County canvassing board, commissioner as member: RCW 29A.60.160.
County health boards, commissioners as, duties: Chapter 70.05 RCW.
District court districting committee, commissioner as member of: RCW 3.38.010.
Duties relating to
air pollution control districts: Chapter 70.94 RCW.
assessor's plats: RCW 58.18.010.
bailiffs of the superior court: RCW 2.32.360.
basic juvenile court act: Chapter 13.04 RCW.
billiard table, pigeon-hole table: RCW 67.14.050.
bonds of public officers: Chapter 42.08 RCW.
bowling alleys: RCW 67.14.050.
cemetery districts: Chapter 68.52 RCW.
cities and towns
advancement of classification: Chapter 35.06 RCW.
agreements on planning, establishing, construction, etc., of streets: Chapter 35.77 RCW.
annexation of unincorporated areas: Chapter 35.13 RCW.
county aid on street construction, etc.: RCW 47.24.050.
disincorporation of: Chapter 35.07 RCW.
erection of drawbridges in: Chapter 35.74 RCW.
general indebtedness bonds, county tax levy to pay: RCW 35.37.120.
incorporation proceedings: Chapter 35.02 RCW.
L.I.D. assessments of county property: RCW 35.44.140, 35.49.070.
civil service for sheriff's office: Chapter 41.14 RCW.
combined city-county health department: Chapter 70.08 RCW.
county airport districts: Chapter 14.08 RCW.
county and city tuberculosis hospitals: Chapter 70.30 RCW.
county flood control: Chapter 86.12 RCW.
county road fund, illegal use of: RCW 47.08.100.
penalty: RCW 47.08.110.
county road projects if let to department of transportation where matching funds: RCW 47.08.080.
county superintendent of schools: Chapter 28A.310 RCW.
county teachers' institute: Chapter 28A.310 RCW.
court commissioner's salary: RCW 2.24.030.
dancing, license to conduct: Chapter 67.12 RCW.
detention facilities for juveniles: Chapter 13.16 RCW.
devices to protect fish in lakes: RCW 90.24.050.
diking and drainage intercounty districts: Chapter 85.24 RCW.
diking districts: Chapter 85.05 RCW.
reorganization of (1917 act): Chapter 85.20 RCW.
reorganization of (1933 act): Chapter 85.22 RCW.
diking, drainage and sewerage improvement districts: Chapter 85.08 RCW.
federal aid to: Chapter 85.12 RCW.
maintenance costs and levies: Chapter 85.16 RCW.
diking, drainage district benefits to roads, how paid: RCW 85.07.040, 85.07.050.
diseased animals: RCW 16.36.070.
district court
clerks, assistants: Chapter 3.54 RCW.
facilities: RCW 3.58.050.
legislative authority: RCW 3.42.040.
district courts and other courts of limited jurisdiction: Chapters 3.30, 3.34, 3.38, 3.42, 3.46, 3.50, 3.54, 3.58, 3.62, 3.66, 3.70, 3.74 RCW.
drainage districts: Chapter 85.06 RCW.
reorganization of (1917 act): Chapter 85.20 RCW.
reorganization of (1933 act): Chapter 85.22 RCW.
drawbridges, municipal: RCW 35.74.020, 35.74.030.
creating new precincts: RCW 29A.16.040, 29A.16.050.
voting systems: Chapter 29A.12 RCW.
electric franchises and rights-of-way: RCW 80.32.010.
eminent domain by
counties: Chapter 8.08 RCW.
county, wharves for: RCW 88.24.070.
federal property, purchase of: Chapter 39.32 RCW.
federal tax lien index: RCW 60.68.045.
ferry system tariffs and charges, review committee: RCW 47.60.310.
fire protection district commissioner vacancy: RCW 52.14.050.
fire protection districts: Chapters 52.04, 52.08, 52.12, 52.16 RCW.
flood control by counties jointly: Chapter 86.13 RCW.
flood control districts (1937 act): Chapter 86.09 RCW.
flood control zone districts: Chapter 86.15 RCW.
funding indebtedness of counties: Chapter 39.52 RCW.
game, use of state lands for game purposes: RCW 77.12.360 through 77.12.390.
health districts: Chapter 70.46 RCW.
hospital districts: Chapter 70.44 RCW.
housing authority act: Chapter 35.82 RCW.
housing projects, cooperation: Chapter 35.83 RCW.
human remains: Chapter 68.50 RCW.
industrial development districts: Chapter 53.25 RCW.
intercounty rural library districts: Chapter 27.12 RCW.
intercounty weed districts: Chapter 17.06 RCW.
internal revenue taxes, lien for: RCW 60.68.045.
irrigation and rehabilitation district rules and regulations: RCW 87.84.090.
irrigation districts
director divisions: Chapter 87.04 RCW.
dissolution of districts with bonds: Chapter 87.53 RCW.
generally: Chapter 87.03 RCW.
joint control of: Chapter 87.80 RCW.
merger with drainage, joint drainage or consolidated drainage improvement district: RCW 87.03.720 through 87.03.745.
joint aid river and harbor improvements: RCW 88.32.230 through 88.32.235.
legal aid: Chapter 2.50 RCW.
lien foreclosure: Chapter 84.64 RCW.
retail license: RCW 67.14.040.
sale or other disposition of: RCW 67.14.020.
wholesale license: RCW 67.14.050.
medical care by state, in county hospitals: Chapter 74.09 RCW.
metropolitan municipal corporations: Chapter 35.58 RCW.
mineral and petroleum leases on county lands: Chapter 78.16 RCW.
mines, abandoned mining shafts and excavations: Chapter 78.12 RCW.
mosquito control districts: Chapter 17.28 RCW.
motor vehicle maximum speed limits outside cities and towns: RCW 46.61.400 through 46.61.425.
parks, bathing beaches, public camps, acquisition and operation of: Chapter 67.20 RCW.
pest districts: Chapter 17.12 RCW.
planning commission: Chapter 35.63 RCW.
port districts
annexation of land to: Chapter 53.04 RCW.
commissioner elections: Chapter 53.12 RCW.
consolidation of: Chapter 53.46 RCW.
formation of: Chapter 53.04 RCW.
public cemetery and morgue: RCW 68.52.010, 68.52.020.
public health pooling fund: RCW 70.12.030.
public lands
rights-of-way over for roads, county wharves: RCW 79.36.440.
tidelands and shorelands, petition for replat: RCW 79.125.080.
public utility districts: Chapters 54.08, 54.40 RCW.
privilege tax: Chapter 54.28 RCW.
public waterway districts: Chapter 91.08 RCW.
railroad grade crossings: Chapter 81.53 RCW.
reclamation districts of one million acres: Chapter 89.30 RCW.
reforestation: Chapter 79.22 RCW.
county exchange of land to block up holdings: RCW 79.17.020 and 79.17.060.
right to back and hold waters over county roads: RCW 90.28.010, 90.28.020.
river and harbor improvement districts: Chapter 88.32 RCW.
river and harbor improvements by counties jointly: RCW 88.32.180 through 88.32.220.
roads, closure of: Chapter 47.48 RCW.
roads and bridges, limited access facilities: Chapter 47.52 RCW.
rural county library districts: Chapter 27.12 RCW.
rural pool halls, billiard halls and bowling alleys, licensing of: Chapter 67.12 RCW.
school district organization: Chapter 28A.315 RCW.
school districts
penalties relating to: Chapter 28A.635 RCW.
second class, expenditures: Chapter 28A.330 RCW.
validation of indebtedness: Chapter 28A.535 RCW.
school funds: Chapter 28A.545 RCW.
section and corner lines, establishment of: Chapter 58.04 RCW.
special districts in counties with a population of two hundred ten thousand or more, disincorporation of: Chapter 57.90 RCW.
state highways, acquisition of county lands for: RCW 47.12.040.
stock restricted areas: Chapter 16.24 RCW.
street railways: Chapter 81.64 RCW.
superior court special sessions: RCW 2.08.140, 2.08.150.
taxes, excise tax on real estate sales: Chapter 82.45 RCW.
collection of: Chapter 84.56 RCW.
levy of: Chapter 84.52 RCW.
lien foreclosure: Chapter 84.64 RCW.
listing of: Chapter 84.40 RCW.
revaluation: Chapter 84.41 RCW.
temporary gates across highways: RCW 16.60.080.
temporary quarters for court: RCW 2.28.141.
towns, uncertain boundaries: RCW 35.27.040 through 35.27.060.
traffic control devices: Chapter 47.36 RCW.
traffic schools: Chapter 46.83 RCW.
underground storage of natural gas, lease of county lands for: RCW 80.40.070.
United States reclamation areas, contracts to bring county lands into: RCW 89.12.110.
veterans, indigent, deceased, burial of: RCW 73.08.070.
veterans' meeting places, rent by county: RCW 73.04.080.
veterans' relief: Chapter 73.08 RCW.
vouchers on public funds: Chapter 42.24 RCW.
water-sewer districts
annexation of property to: Chapter 57.24 RCW.
board of commissioners, vacancies: RCW 57.12.020.
consolidation of: Chapter 57.32 RCW.
generally: Title 57 RCW.
transfer of part: RCW 57.32.160.
withdrawal of territory from: Chapter 57.28 RCW.
weed district tax on county lands: RCW 17.04.180.
weed districts: Chapter 17.04 RCW.
wharves, authorizing of and prescribing rates: RCW 88.24.020.
Flood control
district (1937 act) board, commissioner to act for absent member: RCW 86.09.292.
zone districts, commissioners as ex officio supervisors: RCW 86.15.050.
Health districts: Chapter 70.46 RCW.
Metropolitan sewer advisory committee, commissioner as member: RCW 35.58.210.
Metropolitan water advisory committee, commissioner as member: RCW 35.58.230.
Property tax advisor: RCW 84.48.140.
Public assistance as county function: RCW 74.04.040.
Rangers, commissioners as ex officio: RCW 76.04.045.
Reclamation district commission, commissioner as member of: RCW 89.30.055.
Redistricting by local governments and municipal corporationsCensus information forPlan, prepared when, criteria for, hearing on, request for review of, certification, remandSanctions when review request frivolous: RCW 29A.76.010.
Revenue, department of, to advise commissioners: RCW 84.08.020.
Review board, commissioner as member of: RCW 35.13.171.
Solid waste collection districts: Chapter 36.58A RCW.
Traffic safety commission, member of association of county commissioners appointed to: RCW 43.59.030.
United States townsite law, dedication of streets, etc., under commissioners may alienate: RCW 58.28.440.
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