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RCW 36.16.115

Vacancy in partisan elective office—Appointment of acting official.

Where a vacancy occurs in any partisan county elective office, other than a member of the county legislative authority, the county legislative authority may appoint an employee that was serving as a deputy or assistant in such office at the time the vacancy occurred as an acting official to perform all necessary duties to continue normal office operations. The acting official will serve until a successor is either elected or appointed as required by law. This section does not apply to any vacancy occurring in a charter county which has charter provisions inconsistent with this section.
[1981 c 180 § 3.]
Reviser's note: 1981 c 180 § 3 directed that this section be added to chapter 29.18 RCW. Since this placement appears inappropriate, this section has been codified as part of chapter 36.16 RCW.
Severability1981 c 180: See note following RCW 42.12.040.
Election of successor: RCW 42.12.040.