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Chapter 36.100 RCW


RCW Sections

36.100.010Public facilities districts -- Creation -- Approval of taxes by election -- Corporate powers -- Property transfer -- Agreements.
36.100.020Governance -- Board of directors.
36.100.025Independent financial feasibility review -- When required -- Public document.
36.100.027Statutorily authorized taxing authority.
36.100.030Facilities -- Agreements -- Fees.
36.100.035Additional powers and restrictions on district that constructs baseball stadium.
36.100.036Donated moneys for baseball stadium.
36.100.037Baseball stadium construction agreement.
36.100.040Lodging tax authorized -- Annual payment amount -- Payment of obligations -- Application of other tax provisions.
36.100.042Lodging license fee or tax in excess of rate imposed on retail businesses prohibited.
36.100.050Ad valorem property tax.
36.100.060General obligation bonds -- Termination, reauthorization of excise tax.
36.100.070Acquisition and transfer of real and personal property.
36.100.080Direct or collateral attack barred after thirty days.
36.100.090Tax deferral -- New public facilities.
36.100.100Ex officio treasurer.
36.100.110Travel, expense reimbursement policy -- Required.
36.100.120Travel, expense reimbursement policy -- Limitations.
36.100.130Board of directors -- Compensation.
36.100.140Liability insurance.
36.100.150Costs of defense.
36.100.160Expenditure of funds -- Purposes.
36.100.170Employees -- Benefits.
36.100.180Service provider agreements -- Competitive solicitation process for personal service contracts of one hundred fifty thousand dollars or more -- Exceptions.
36.100.190Purchases and sales -- Procedures.
36.100.200Revenue bonds -- Limitations.
36.100.205Bonds issued are securities.
36.100.210Tax on admissions.
36.100.220Tax on vehicle parking charges.
36.100.230Transfer of property, assets, and other interests from state convention and trade center public nonprofit to district -- Necessary actions.
36.100.240Eminent domain authorized.
36.100.900Severability -- 1988 ex.s. c 1.
36.100.905Construction -- 2010 1st sp.s. c 15.

Changes in tax law -- Liability: RCW 82.08.064, 82.14.055, and 82.32.430.

Sales and use tax for public facilities districts: RCW 82.14.048.

Sales and use tax imposed by public facilities districts for regional centers: RCW 82.14.390.