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Chapter 28B.95 RCW


RCW Sections

28B.95.010Washington advanced college tuition payment program -- Established.
28B.95.025Offices and personnel.
28B.95.030Administration of program -- Tuition units -- Promotion of program -- Authority of governing body.
28B.95.035Committee members -- Liability.
28B.95.040Purchase of tuition units by organizations -- Rules -- Scholarship fund.
28B.95.050Contractual obligation -- Legally binding -- Use of state appropriations.
28B.95.060Washington advanced college tuition payment program account.
28B.95.070Washington advanced college tuition payment program account -- Powers and duties of the investment board.
28B.95.080Washington advanced college tuition payment program account -- Actuarial soundness -- Adjustment of tuition credit purchases.
28B.95.090Discontinuation of program -- Use of units -- Refunds.
28B.95.100Program planning -- Consultation with public and private entities -- Cooperation.
28B.95.120Tuition units exempt from bankruptcy and enforcement of judgments.
28B.95.150College savings program.
28B.95.160GET ready for math and science scholarship program -- Tuition units -- Ownership and redemption.
28B.95.170Legislative advisory committee.
28B.95.900Construction of chapter -- Limitations.