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Chapter 28B.85 RCW


RCW Sections

28B.85.020Council's duties -- Rule-making authority.
28B.85.030Current authorization required to offer or grant degree -- Penalty for violation.
28B.85.040Completion of program of study prerequisite to degree -- Application of chapter.
28B.85.050Council may require information.
28B.85.070Surety bonds -- Security in lieu of bond -- Cancellation of bond -- Notice -- Claims.
28B.85.080Suspension or modification of requirements authorized.
28B.85.090Claims -- Complaints -- Investigations -- Hearings -- Orders.
28B.85.100Violations -- Civil penalties.
28B.85.120Actions resulting in jurisdiction of courts.
28B.85.130Educational records -- Permanent file -- Protection.
28B.85.140Contracts voidable -- When.
28B.85.150Enforceability of debts -- Authority to offer degree required.
28B.85.160Actions to enforce chapter -- Who may bring -- Relief.
28B.85.170Injunctive relief -- Council may seek.
28B.85.180Violation of chapter unfair or deceptive practice under RCW 19.86.020.
28B.85.190Remedies and penalties in chapter nonexclusive and cumulative.
28B.85.220False academic credentials -- Unlawful acts -- Violation of consumer protection act -- Venue.
28B.85.900Severability -- 1986 c 136.
28B.85.902Effective date -- 1986 c 136.
28B.85.905Validity of registration under prior laws.
28B.85.906Application of chapter to foreign degree-granting institution branch campuses.