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Chapter 28B.52 RCW

(Formerly Negotiations by academic personnel — Community
college districts)

RCW Sections

28B.52.010Declaration of purpose.
28B.52.025Right to organize or refrain from organizing.
28B.52.030Representatives of employee organization -- Right to collective bargaining.
28B.52.035Negotiations reduced to written agreements -- Provisions relating to salary increases -- Restrictions.
28B.52.040Negotiated agreements -- Procedures for binding arbitration.
28B.52.045Collective bargaining agreement -- Exclusive bargaining representative -- Union security provisions -- Dues and fees.
28B.52.050Academic employee may appear in own behalf.
28B.52.060Commission -- Mediation activities -- Other dispute resolution procedures authorized.
28B.52.065Commission's adjudication of unfair labor practices -- Rules -- Binding arbitration authorized.
28B.52.070Discrimination prohibited.
28B.52.073Unfair labor practices.
28B.52.078Strikes and lockouts prohibited -- Violations -- Remedies.
28B.52.080Commission to adopt rules and regulations -- Boards may request commission services.
28B.52.090Prior agreements.
28B.52.100State higher education administrative procedure act not to affect.
28B.52.200Scope of chapter -- Limitations -- When attempts to resolve dispute required.
28B.52.210Scope of chapter -- Community and technical colleges faculty awards trust program.
28B.52.220Scope of chapter -- Community and technical colleges part-time academic employees.
28B.52.300Construction of chapter.
28B.52.900Severability -- 1987 c 314.