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Chapter 28A.400 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.400.005Condensed compliance reports -- Second-class districts.
28A.400.010Employment of superintendent -- Superintendent's qualifications, general powers, term, contract renewal.
28A.400.020Directors' and superintendents' signatures filed with auditor.
28A.400.030Superintendent's duties.
28A.400.100Principals and vice principals -- Employment of -- Qualifications -- Duties.
28A.400.110Principal to assure appropriate student discipline -- Building discipline standards -- Classes to improve classroom management skills.
28A.400.200Salaries and compensation for employees -- Minimum amounts -- Limitations -- Supplemental contracts.
28A.400.201Enhanced salary allocation model for educator development and certification -- Technical working group -- Report and recommendation.
28A.400.205Cost-of-living increases for employees.
28A.400.206Cost-of-living increases -- Duty of state.
28A.400.210Employee attendance incentive program -- Remuneration or benefit plan for unused sick leave.
28A.400.212Employee attendance incentive program -- Effect of early retirement.
28A.400.220Employee salary or compensation -- Limitations respecting.
28A.400.230Deposit of cumulative total of earnings of group of employees -- Authorized -- Conditions.
28A.400.240Deferred compensation plan for school district or educational service district employees -- Limitations.
28A.400.250Tax deferred annuities -- Regulated company stock.
28A.400.260Pension benefits or annuity benefits for certain classifications of employees -- Procedure.
28A.400.270Employee benefit -- Definitions.
28A.400.275Employee benefits -- Contracts or agreements -- Submission of information to the office of the insurance commissioner -- Annual reports.
28A.400.280Employee benefits -- Employer contributions.
28A.400.285Contracts for services performed by classified employees.
28A.400.300Hiring and discharging of employees -- Written leave policies -- Seniority and leave benefits of employees transferring between school districts and other educational employers.
28A.400.301Information on past sexual misconduct -- Requirement for applicants -- Limitation on contracts and agreements -- Employee right to review personnel file.
28A.400.303Record checks for employees.
28A.400.305Record check information -- Access -- Rules.
28A.400.306Fingerprints accepted by the state patrol -- Fingerprints forwarded to the federal bureau of investigation -- Conditions.
28A.400.310Law against discrimination applicable to districts' employment practices.
28A.400.315Employment contracts.
28A.400.317Physical abuse or sexual misconduct by school employees -- Duty to report -- Training.
28A.400.320Crimes against children -- Mandatory termination of classified employees -- Appeal -- Recovery of salary or compensation by district.
28A.400.322Crimes against children -- Crimes specified.
28A.400.330Crimes against children -- Contractor employees -- Termination of contract.
28A.400.332Use of persons, money, or property for private gain.
28A.400.340Notice of discharge to contain notice of right to appeal if available.
28A.400.350Liability, life, health, health care, accident, disability, and salary insurance authorized -- Health savings accounts -- Premiums -- Noncompliance.
28A.400.360Liability insurance for officials and employees authorized.
28A.400.370Mandatory insurance protection for employees.
28A.400.380Leave sharing program.
28A.400.391Insurance for retired and disabled employees -- Application -- Rules.
28A.400.395Insurance for retired employees and their dependents -- Method of payment of premium.
28A.400.410Payment to the public employees' and retirees' insurance account.

Educational employment relations act: Chapter 41.59 RCW.

Reporting of harassment, intimidation, or bullying: RCW 28A.600.480.