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Chapter 28A.225 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.225.005Compulsory education, requirements -- Informing students and parents annually.
28A.225.010Attendance mandatory -- Age -- Exceptions.
28A.225.015Attendance mandatory -- Six or seven year olds -- Unexcused absences -- Petition.
28A.225.020School's duties upon child's failure to attend school.
28A.225.023Youth dependent pursuant to chapter 13.34 RCW -- Review of unexpected or excessive absences -- Support for youth's school work.
28A.225.025Community truancy boards.
28A.225.030Petition to juvenile court for violations by a parent or child -- School district responsibilities.
28A.225.031Alcohol or controlled substances testing -- Authority to order.
28A.225.035Petition to juvenile court -- Contents -- Court action -- Referral to community truancy board -- Transfer of jurisdiction upon relocation.
28A.225.055Excused absences -- Search and rescue activities.
28A.225.060Custody and disposition of child absent from school without excuse.
28A.225.080Employment permits.
28A.225.090Court orders -- Penalties -- Parents' defense.
28A.225.095Authority of court commissioners and family law commissioners to hear cases under this chapter.
28A.225.110Fines applied to support of schools.
28A.225.115Educational services -- Funding for children referred to community truancy board.
28A.225.140Enforcing officers not personally liable for costs.
28A.225.155Condensed compliance reports -- Second-class districts.
28A.225.160Qualification for admission to district's schools -- Fees for preadmission screening.
28A.225.170Admission to schools -- Children on United States reservations -- Idaho residents with Washington addresses.
28A.225.200Education of pupils in another district -- Limitation as to state apportionment -- Exemption.
28A.225.210Admission of district pupils tuition free.
28A.225.215Enrollment of children without legal residences.
28A.225.217Children of military families -- Continued enrollment in district schools.
28A.225.220Adults, children from other districts, agreements for attending school -- Tuition.
28A.225.225Applications from school employees' children, nonresident students, or students receiving home-based instruction to attend district school -- Acceptance and rejection standards -- Notification.
28A.225.230Appeal from certain decisions to deny student's request to attend nonresident district -- Procedure.
28A.225.240Apportionment credit.
28A.225.250Cooperative programs among school districts -- Rules.
28A.225.260Reciprocity exchanges with other states.
28A.225.270Intradistrict enrollment options policies.
28A.225.280Transfer students' eligibility for extracurricular activities.
28A.225.290Enrollment options information booklet (as amended by 2009 c 450).
28A.225.290Enrollment options information booklet -- Posting on web site (as amended by 2009 c 524).
28A.225.290Enrollment options information (as amended by 2009 c 556).
28A.225.300Enrollment options information to parents.
28A.225.310Attendance in school district of choice -- Impact on existing cooperative arrangements.
28A.225.330Enrolling students from other districts -- Requests for information and permanent records -- Withheld transcripts -- Immunity from liability -- Notification to teachers and security personnel -- Rules.