Chapter 28A.225 RCW


Compulsory education, requirementsInforming students and parents annually.
Attendance mandatoryAgeExceptions.
Attendance mandatorySix or seven year oldsUnexcused absencesPetition.
School's duties upon child's failure to attend school.
Youth dependent pursuant to chapter 13.34 RCWReview of unexpected or excessive absencesSupport for youth's school work.
Community truancy boards.
Petition to juvenile court for violations by a parent or childSchool district responsibilities.
Alcohol or controlled substances testingAuthority to order.
Petition to juvenile courtContentsCourt actionReferral to community truancy boardTransfer of jurisdiction upon relocation.
Excused absencesSearch and rescue activities.
Custody and disposition of child absent from school without excuse.
Employment permits.
Court ordersPenaltiesParents' defense.
Authority of court commissioners and family law commissioners to hear cases under this chapter.
Fines applied to support of schools.
Educational servicesFunding for children referred to community truancy board.
Enforcing officers not personally liable for costs.
Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
Qualification for admission to district's schoolsFees for preadmission screening.
Admission to schoolsChildren on United States reservationsIdaho residents with Washington addresses.
Education of pupils in another districtLimitation as to state apportionmentExemption.
Admission of district pupils tuition free.
Enrollment of children without legal residences.
Children of military familiesContinued enrollment in district schools.
Adults, children from other districts, agreements for attending schoolTuition.
Applications from school employees' children, nonresident students, or students receiving home-based instruction to attend district schoolAcceptance and rejection standardsNotification.
Appeal from certain decisions to deny student's request to attend nonresident districtProcedure.
Apportionment credit.
Cooperative programs among school districtsRules.
Reciprocity exchanges with other states.
Intradistrict enrollment options policies.
Transfer students' eligibility for extracurricular activities.
Enrollment options information booklet (as amended by 2009 c 450).
Enrollment options information bookletPosting on web site (as amended by 2009 c 524).
Enrollment options information (as amended by 2009 c 556).
Enrollment options information to parents.
Attendance in school district of choiceImpact on existing cooperative arrangements.
Enrolling students from other districtsRequests for information and permanent recordsWithheld transcriptsImmunity from liabilityNotification to teachers and security personnelRules.