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Chapter 28A.210 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.210.010Contagious diseases, limiting contact -- Rules.
28A.210.020Visual and auditory screening of pupils -- Rules and regulations.
28A.210.030Visual and auditory screening of pupils -- Record of screening -- Forwarding of records, recommendations and data.
28A.210.040Visual and auditory screening of pupils -- Access to rules, records, and forms.
28A.210.045Speech-language pathology services -- Complaints.
28A.210.060Immunization program -- Purpose.
28A.210.070Immunization program -- Definitions.
28A.210.080Immunization program -- Attendance of child conditioned upon presentation of alternative proofs -- Information regarding meningococcal disease -- Information regarding human papillomavirus disease.
28A.210.090Immunization program -- Exemptions.
28A.210.100Immunization program -- Source of immunizations -- Written records.
28A.210.110Immunization program -- Administrator's duties upon receipt of proof of immunization or certification of exemption.
28A.210.120Immunization program -- Prohibiting child's presence -- Notice to parent, guardian, or adult in loco parentis.
28A.210.130Immunization program -- Superintendent of public instruction to provide information.
28A.210.140Immunization program -- State board of health rules, contents.
28A.210.150Immunization program -- Superintendent of public instruction by rule to adopt procedures for verifying records.
28A.210.160Immunization program -- Rules.
28A.210.170Immunization program -- Department of social and health services' rules, contents.
28A.210.255Provision of health services in public and private schools -- Employee job description.
28A.210.260Public and private schools -- Administration of medication -- Conditions.
28A.210.270Public and private schools -- Administration of medication -- Immunity from liability -- Discontinuance, procedure.
28A.210.275Administration of medications by employees not licensed under chapter 18.79 RCW -- Requirements -- Immunity from liability.
28A.210.280Catheterization of public and private school students.
28A.210.290Catheterization of public and private school students -- Immunity from liability.
28A.210.300School physician or school nurse may be employed.
28A.210.310Prohibition on use of tobacco products on school property.
28A.210.320Children with life-threatening health conditions -- Medication or treatment orders -- Rules.
28A.210.330Students with diabetes -- Individual health plans -- Designation of professional to consult and coordinate with parents and health care provider -- Training and supervision of school district personnel.
28A.210.340Students with diabetes -- Adoption of policy for inservice training for school staff.
28A.210.350Students with diabetes -- Compliance with individual health plan -- Immunity.
28A.210.360Model policy on access to nutritious foods and developmentally appropriate exercise -- School district policies.
28A.210.365Food choice, physical activity, childhood fitness -- Minimum standards -- District waiver or exemption policy.
28A.210.370Students with asthma.
28A.210.375Student health insurance information -- Pilot project -- Reports.
28A.210.380Anaphylaxis -- Policy guidelines -- Procedures -- Reports.
28A.210.383Epinephrine autoinjectors (EPI pens) -- School supply -- Use.
28A.210.385Condensed compliance reports -- Second-class districts.

State board of health: Chapter 43.20 RCW.