Chapter 27.34 RCW


RCW Sections

27.34.060State historical societies -- Budget requests.
27.34.070State historical societies -- Powers and duties.
27.34.075Educational publications printing.
27.34.080State historical societies -- Appointment of directors -- Removal.
27.34.200Archaeology and historic preservation -- Legislative declaration.
27.34.220Director -- Powers.
27.34.230Director -- Duties.
27.34.240Apportionment of grants.
27.34.250Advisory council on historic preservation -- Members.
27.34.260Advisory council -- Compensation and reimbursement of members.
27.34.270Advisory council -- Duties.
27.34.280Advisory council, heritage council -- Financial and administrative services.
27.34.330Heritage capital projects -- Proposals for funding -- Prioritized list.
27.34.350Governor's award for excellence in teaching history.
27.34.360Women's history consortium -- Created -- Washington state historical society as managing agency.
27.34.365Women's history consortium -- Board of advisors.
27.34.370Women's history consortium -- Responsibilities of board of advisors.
27.34.375Women's history consortium -- Responsibilities.
27.34.380Women's history consortium -- Report to the legislature.
27.34.390Vancouver national historic reserve.
27.34.395Vancouver national historic reserve -- Designated partner representative -- Duties of Washington state historical society.
27.34.400Heritage barn preservation program.
27.34.410Heritage barn preservation fund.
27.34.415Cemeteries -- Burial sites -- Centralized database.
27.34.900State capital historical museum.
27.34.906Pickett House -- In trust -- Reverter.
27.34.910Effective date -- 1983 c 91.
27.34.915Severability -- 1993 c 101.
27.34.916Effective date -- 1993 c 101.

Archaeological sites and resources: Chapter 27.53 RCW.

Historic preservation -- Authority of county, city, or town to acquire property, borrow money, issue bonds, etc.: RCW 35.21.395, 36.32.435.