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Chapter 26.16 RCW


RCW Sections

26.16.010Separate property of spouse.
26.16.020Separate property of domestic partner.
26.16.030Community property defined -- Management and control.
26.16.040Community realty subject to liens, execution.
26.16.050Conveyances between spouses or domestic partners.
26.16.060Power of attorney between spouses or domestic partners.
26.16.070Powers of attorney as to separate estate.
26.16.080Execution of conveyance under power.
26.16.090Powers of attorney as to community estate.
26.16.095Purchaser of community real property protected by record title.
26.16.100Claim of spouse or domestic partner in community realty to be filed.
26.16.110Cloud on title -- Removal.
26.16.120Agreements as to status.
26.16.125Custody of children.
26.16.140Earnings and accumulations of spouses or domestic partners living apart, minor children.
26.16.150Rights of married persons or domestic partners in general.
26.16.160Civil disabilities of wife abolished.
26.16.180Spouses or domestic partners may sue each other.
26.16.190Liability for acts of other spouse or other domestic partner.
26.16.200Debts incurred before marriage or domestic partnership -- Separate debts -- Child support obligation -- Liability.
26.16.205Liability for family support -- Support obligation of stepparent.
26.16.210Burden of proof in transactions between spouses or domestic partners.
26.16.220Quasi-community property defined.
26.16.230Quasi-community property -- Disposition at death.
26.16.240Quasi-community property -- Effect of lifetime transfers -- Claims by surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner -- Waiver.
26.16.250Quasi-community property -- Characterization limited to determination of disposition at death -- Waiver by written agreement.

Assignment of future wages invalid without written consent of spouse: RCW 49.48.100.

Banks and trust companies -- Deposits: Chapter 30.20 RCW.

Cemeteries, morgues and human remains -- Title and rights to cemetery plots: Chapter 68.32 RCW.

Crimes and punishment
   bigamy: RCW 9A.64.010.
   homicide by other person, when justifiable: RCW 9A.16.030.

Labor relations
   child labor: Chapter 49.12 RCW.
   hours of labor: Chapter 49.28 RCW.

Mental illness: Chapter 71.05 RCW.

Parties to actions -- Spouse or domestic partner: RCW 4.08.030 and 4.08.040.

Privileged communications: RCW 5.60.060.

Probate and trust law: Title 11 RCW.

Public assistance: Title 74 RCW.

Public health and safety -- Vital statistics: Chapter 70.58 RCW.

Tenancy in dower and by curtesy abolished: RCW 11.04.060.

Unemployment compensation, benefits and claims: Chapter 50.20 RCW.

Worker's compensation
   actions at law for injury or death: Chapter 51.24 RCW.
   right to and amount: Chapter 51.32 RCW.