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Chapter 26.12 RCW


RCW Sections

26.12.010Jurisdiction conferred on superior court -- Family court proceeding defined.
26.12.020Designation of judge -- Number of sessions.
26.12.030Transfer of cases to presiding judge.
26.12.040Substitute judge of family court.
26.12.050Family courts -- Appointment of assistants.
26.12.060Court commissioners -- Duties.
26.12.070Probation officers -- Powers and duties.
26.12.080Protection of privacy of parties.
26.12.160When and where court may be convened.
26.12.170Authority of family court judges and court commissioners to order or recommend services -- Report by court of child abuse or neglect.
26.12.172Parenting seminars -- Rules.
26.12.175Appointment of guardian ad litem--Independent investigation -- Court-appointed special advocate program--Background information--Review of appointment.
26.12.177Guardians ad litem--Training -- Registry--Subregistry -- Selection--Substitution--Exceptions.
26.12.180Guardian ad litem, special advocate, or investigator -- Information discoverable -- Confidentiality.
26.12.183Guardian ad litem or investigator -- Fees.
26.12.185Guardian ad litem, special advocate, or investigator -- Release of information.
26.12.187Guardian ad litem, special advocate, or investigator -- Ex parte communications -- Removal.
26.12.188Appointment of investigators -- Training requirements.
26.12.190Family court jurisdiction as to pending actions -- Use of family court services.
26.12.205Priority for proceedings involving children.
26.12.215Revision by the superior court.
26.12.220Funding family court or family court services -- Increase in marriage license fee authorized -- Family court services program -- Fees.
26.12.230Joint family court services.
26.12.240Courthouse facilitator program--Fee or surcharge.
26.12.250Therapeutic courts.
26.12.260Program to provide services to parties involved in dissolutions and legal separations -- Fees.
26.12.270Address confidentiality program.
26.12.800Family court pilot program -- Legislative recognition.
26.12.802Family court pilot program -- Created.
26.12.804Family court pilot program -- Rules.

Dissolution of marriage, legal separation, declarations concerning validity of marriage: Chapter 26.09 RCW.

Domestic violence prevention: Chapter 26.50 RCW.

Nonparental actions for child custody: Chapter 26.10 RCW.