Chapter 24.06 RCW


RCW Sections

24.06.010Application of chapter.
24.06.025Articles of incorporation.
24.06.030General powers.
24.06.032Additional rights and powers authorized.
24.06.035Nonprofit status -- Members', officers' immunity from liability.
24.06.040Defense of ultra vires.
24.06.043Indemnification of agents of any corporation authorized.
24.06.045Corporate name.
24.06.046Reservation of exclusive right to use corporate name.
24.06.047Registration of corporate name.
24.06.048Renewal of registration of corporate name.
24.06.050Registered office and registered agent.
24.06.055Change of registered office or registered agent.
24.06.060Service of process on corporation.
24.06.070Shares -- Issuance -- Payment -- Subscription agreements.
24.06.075Shares -- Consideration, fixing.
24.06.080Shares -- Certificates.
24.06.085Liability of shareholders, subscribers, assignees, executors, trustees, etc.
24.06.090Preemptive share acquisition rights.
24.06.100Meetings of members and shareholders.
24.06.105Notice of meetings.
24.06.120Class voting.
24.06.125Board of directors.
24.06.130Number and election of directors.
24.06.140Quorum of directors.
24.06.150Directors' meetings.
24.06.153Duties of director or officer -- Standards -- Liability.
24.06.160Books and records.
24.06.165Loans to directors or officers.
24.06.170Filing of articles of incorporation.
24.06.175Effect of filing of articles of incorporation.
24.06.180Organization meeting.
24.06.185Right to amend articles of incorporation.
24.06.190Procedure to amend articles of incorporation.
24.06.195Articles of amendment.
24.06.200Filing of articles of amendment -- Procedure.
24.06.205When amendment becomes effective -- Existing actions and rights not affected.
24.06.207Restated articles of incorporation.
24.06.210Procedure for merger.
24.06.215Procedure for consolidation.
24.06.220Approval of merger or consolidation.
24.06.225Articles of merger or consolidation.
24.06.230Merger or consolidation -- When effected.
24.06.233Merger or consolidation of domestic and foreign corporation -- Participation in an exchange.
24.06.235Effect of merger or consolidation.
24.06.240Sale, lease, exchange, etc., of property and assets.
24.06.245Right of member or shareholder to dissent.
24.06.250Exercise of right of dissent -- Rights and liabilities.
24.06.255Payment of fair value to dissenting member or shareholder.
24.06.260Voluntary dissolution.
24.06.265Distribution of assets.
24.06.270Revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings.
24.06.275Articles of dissolution.
24.06.280Filing of articles of dissolution.
24.06.285Involuntary dissolution.
24.06.290Proceedings for involuntary dissolution -- Rights, duties, and remedies -- Penalties -- Fee set by rule.
24.06.293Administrative dissolution or revocation of a certificate of authority -- Corporation name not distinguishable from name of governmental entity -- Application by governmental entity.
24.06.295Venue and process.
24.06.300Jurisdiction of court to liquidate assets and dissolve corporation.
24.06.305Procedure in liquidation of corporation in court.
24.06.310Qualifications of receivers -- Bond.
24.06.315Filing of claims in liquidation proceedings.
24.06.320Discontinuance of liquidation proceedings.
24.06.325Decree of involuntary dissolution.
24.06.330Filing of decree of dissolution.
24.06.335Survival of remedies after dissolution.
24.06.340Admission of foreign corporation.
24.06.345Powers and duties, etc., of foreign corporation.
24.06.350Corporate name of foreign corporation.
24.06.355Change of name by foreign corporation.
24.06.360Certificate of authority -- Application for, contents.
24.06.365Filing of application for certificate of authority -- Issuance.
24.06.367Certificate of authority as insurance company -- Filing of documents.
24.06.369Certificate of authority as insurance company -- Registration or reservation of name.
24.06.370Effect of filing application for certificate of authority.
24.06.375Registered office and registered agent of foreign corporation.
24.06.380Change of registered office or registered agent of foreign corporation.
24.06.385Resignation of registered agent.
24.06.390Service of process upon registered agent.
24.06.395Service of process upon secretary of state.
24.06.400Amendment to articles of incorporation of foreign corporation.
24.06.405Merger of foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in this state.
24.06.410Amended certificate of authority.
24.06.415Withdrawal of foreign corporation.
24.06.420Filing of application for withdrawal -- Issuance of certificate of withdrawal.
24.06.425Revocation of certificate of authority.
24.06.430Issuance and filing of certificate of revocation -- Effect.
24.06.433Foreign corporations--Application for reinstatement.
24.06.435Conducting affairs without certificate of authority.
24.06.440Annual or biennial report of domestic and foreign corporations.
24.06.445Filing of annual or biennial report of domestic and foreign corporations.
24.06.450Fees for filing documents and issuing certificates.
24.06.455Miscellaneous fees.
24.06.460Disposition of fees.
24.06.462Fees for services by secretary of state.
24.06.465Penalties imposed upon corporation -- Penalty established by secretary of state.
24.06.470Penalties imposed upon directors and officers.
24.06.475Interrogatories by secretary of state.
24.06.480Confidential nature of information disclosed by interrogatories.
24.06.485Power and authority of secretary of state.
24.06.490Appeal from secretary of state's actions.
24.06.495Certificates and certified copies to be received in evidence.
24.06.500Greater voting requirements.
24.06.505Waiver of notice.
24.06.510Action by members or directors without a meeting.
24.06.515Unauthorized assumption of corporate powers.
24.06.520Reinstatement and renewal of corporate existence -- Fee.
24.06.525Reorganization of corporations or associations in accordance with this chapter.
24.06.600Locally regulated utilities -- Attachments to poles.
24.06.610Tariff for irrigation pumping service -- Authority for locally regulated utility to buy back electricity.
24.06.900Short title.
24.06.905Existing liabilities not terminated -- Continuation of corporate existence -- Application of chapter.
24.06.910Severability -- 1969 ex.s. c 120.
24.06.915Notice to existing corporations.
24.06.920Effective date -- 1969 ex.s. c 120.

Organization of condominium unit owners' association: RCW 64.34.300.

Revolving fund of secretary of state, deposit of moneys for costs of carrying out secretary of state's functions under this chapter: RCW 43.07.130.