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Chapter 2.36 RCW


RCW Sections

2.36.020Kinds of juries.
2.36.050Juries in courts of limited jurisdiction.
2.36.052Courts of limited jurisdiction -- Performance of jury management activities by superior court authorized.
2.36.054Jury source list -- Master jury list -- Creation.
2.36.055Jury source list -- Jury assignment areas -- Master jury list -- Compilation.
2.36.057Expanded jury source list -- Court rules.
2.36.0571Jury source list -- Master jury list -- Adoption of rules for implementation of methodology and standards by agencies.
2.36.063Compilation of jury source list, master jury list, and selection of jurors by electronic data processing.
2.36.065Judges to ensure random selection -- Description of process.
2.36.070Qualification of juror.
2.36.072Determination of juror qualification -- Written or electronic declaration.
2.36.080Selection of jurors -- State policy -- Exclusion for race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or economic status prohibited.
2.36.093Selection of jurors -- Length and number of terms -- Time of service.
2.36.095Summons to persons selected.
2.36.100Excuse from service -- Reasons -- Assignment to another term -- Summons for additional service -- Certification of prior service.
2.36.110Judge must excuse unfit person.
2.36.130Additional names.
2.36.150Juror expense payments -- Reimbursement by state -- Pilot projects.
2.36.165Leave of absence from employment to be provided -- Denial of promotional opportunities prohibited -- Penalty -- Civil action.
2.36.170Failure of juror to appear -- Penalty.

Grand juries -- Criminal investigations: Chapter 10.27 RCW.

   crimes relating to: Chapter 9.51 RCW.
   in eminent domain proceedings: Title 8 RCW.

Jury trial, civil cases, challenging, procedure, etc.: Chapter 4.44 RCW.