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RCW 2.28.100

Legal holidays—No court—Exceptions.

No court shall be open, nor shall any judicial business be transacted, on a legal holiday, except:
(1) To give, upon their request, instructions to a jury when deliberating on their verdict;
(2) To receive the verdict of a jury;
(3) For the exercise of the powers of a magistrate in a criminal action, or in a proceeding of a criminal nature;
(4) For hearing applications for and issuing writs of habeas corpus, injunction, prohibition, and attachment;
(5) For the issuance of any process or subpoena not requiring immediate judicial or court action, and the service thereof.
The governor, in declaring any legal holiday, in his or her discretion, may provide in his or her proclamation that such holiday shall not be applicable to the courts of or within the state.
[2011 c 336 § 42; 1986 c 219 § 1; 1933 c 54 § 1; 1927 c 51 § 2; RRS § 64. Prior: 1891 c 41 § 2; Code 1881 § 1267.]
Courts to be open except on nonjudicial days: State Constitution Art. 4 § 6 (Amendment 28).
Legal holidays: RCW 1.16.050.