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Chapter 19.94 RCW


RCW Sections

19.94.010Definitions -- Director may prescribe by rule.
19.94.015Commercial use of instrument or device -- Registration -- Fees.
19.94.150Standards recognized.
19.94.160State standards.
19.94.163Testing by department -- Ensuring enforcement -- Issuance of seal of approval -- Exception.
19.94.165Commercial instruments or devices to be correct.
19.94.175Registration -- Inspection and testing -- Fees.
19.94.185Deposit of moneys -- Weights and measures account -- General fund.
19.94.190Enforcement -- Rules.
19.94.195Specifications, tolerances, technical requirements -- Adoption -- Hearing -- Notice.
19.94.205Correct and incorrect -- Instruments, devices, weights, measures -- When deemed.
19.94.216Department inspection -- City sealer -- Agencies, institutions -- Fees.
19.94.230Inspections and tests to determine conformity to law -- Off sale order -- Marks, tags, stamps.
19.94.240Stop-use, stop-removal, and removal orders.
19.94.250Inspection of instrument or device to determine if correct -- Rejection or seizure -- Confiscation or destruction -- Use of incorrect instrument or device -- Notice.
19.94.255Correction of rejected weights and measures.
19.94.258Service agent -- Registration certificate.
19.94.2582Service agent -- Registration certificate -- Fee -- Decision -- Denial -- Notice -- Refund.
19.94.2584Service agent -- Registration certificate -- Revocation, suspension, refusal to renew -- Appeal.
19.94.260Rejection -- Seizure for use as evidence -- Entry of premises -- Search warrant.
19.94.265Grievances -- Procedure -- Notice -- Hearing -- Rules.
19.94.280City sealers and deputies -- Appointment, removal -- Record, report -- Testing of devices and instruments -- Seal of approval.
19.94.310City sealers and deputies -- Duties of governing body -- Sealer to have standards comparison made every two years.
19.94.320City sealers -- Director -- General oversight powers, concurrent authority -- Powers and duties of chapter are additional.
19.94.325Service agent -- Inspection and testing of weights and measures -- Seal of approval -- Fees -- Violation -- Penalty.
19.94.340Sale of commodities -- Measurement -- Exceptions -- Rules to assure good practice and accuracy.
19.94.350Packaged commodities in intrastate commerce -- Declaration of contents on outside -- Rules.
19.94.360Declaration of price on outside of package.
19.94.370Misleading wrappers, containers of packaged commodities -- Standards of fill required.
19.94.390Price not to be misleading, deceiving, misrepresented -- Fractions -- Examination procedure standard -- Department may revise -- Electronic scanner screen visibility.
19.94.400Meat, fish, poultry to be sold by weight -- Exceptions.
19.94.410Butter, margarine to be sold by weight.
19.94.420Fluid dairy products to be packaged for retail sale in certain units.
19.94.430Packaged flour to be kept, sold, etc., in certain units.
19.94.440Commodities sold in bulk -- Delivery tickets.
19.94.450Solid fuels to be sold by weight, cubic measure -- Delivery tickets.
19.94.460Heating oils -- Delivery tickets -- Statements.
19.94.470Berries and small fruit.
19.94.480Fractional units as fractional value.
19.94.485Contracts -- Construction.
19.94.490Obstruction of director or sealer in performance of duties -- Penalty.
19.94.500Impersonation of director or sealer -- Penalty.
19.94.507Gasoline delivered to service stations -- Invoice required.
19.94.510Unlawful practices -- Penalty.
19.94.515Unlawful commercial use of instrument or device -- Penalty.
19.94.517Incorrect commercial instrument or device to benefit of owner/operator -- Penalties -- Appeal.
19.94.520Injunction against violations.
19.94.530Proof of existence of weighing or measuring instrument or device presumed proof of regular use.
19.94.540Antifreeze products -- Use of aversive agent.
19.94.542Antifreeze products -- Aversive agents -- Limitation of liability.
19.94.544Antifreeze products -- Aversive agents -- Application.
19.94.900Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.
19.94.910Severability -- 1969 c 67.
19.94.920Effective date -- 1992 c 237.