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Chapter 19.28 RCW


RCW Sections

19.28.010Electrical wiring requirements -- General -- Exceptions.
19.28.021Disputes regarding local regulations -- Arbitration -- Appeal.
19.28.031Rules, regulations, and standards.
19.28.041License required -- General or specialty licenses -- Fees -- Application -- Bond or cash deposit.
19.28.051Examinations -- Fees.
19.28.061Electrical contractors -- Designee of firm to take master electrician or administrator's examination -- Administrator's certificate--Fee -- Certificate duration, denial, renewal, nontransferable -- Master electrician or administrator's duties.
19.28.071Licensee's bond -- Action on -- Priorities -- Cash deposit, payment from.
19.28.081Actions -- Local permits -- Proof of licensure.
19.28.091Licensing -- Exemptions.
19.28.095Equipment repair specialty -- Scope of work.
19.28.101Inspections -- Notice to repair and change -- Disconnection -- Entry -- Concealment -- Accessibility -- Connection to utility -- Permits, fees -- Limitation -- Waiver of provisions during state of emergency.
19.28.111Nonconforming installations -- Disputes -- Reference to board.
19.28.121Board -- Request for ruling -- Fee -- Costs.
19.28.131Specialty electrical contractor license -- Written warning, penalty -- Violations of RCW 19.28.010 through 19.28.141 and 19.28.311 through19.28.361 -- Schedule of penalties -- Appeal.
19.28.141RCW 19.28.101 inapplicable in certain cities and towns, electricity supply agency service areas, and rights-of-way of state highways.
19.28.151RCW 19.28.010 through 19.28.141 and 19.28.311 through19.28.361 inapplicable to telegraph or telephone companies exercising certain functions.
19.28.161Certification -- Apprentices and trainees -- Supervision -- Ratio of noncertified and certified workers -- Trainee hours verification.
19.28.171Electrical trainee hours -- Audit -- Rules -- Confidentiality.
19.28.181Application for certificate of competency.
19.28.191Certificate of competency -- Eligibility for examination -- Rules.
19.28.201Examination -- Times -- Certification of results -- Contents -- Fees.
19.28.205In-class education requirements.
19.28.211Certificate of competency -- Issuance -- Renewal -- Continuing education -- Fees -- Effect.
19.28.221Persons engaged in trade or business on July 16, 1973.
19.28.231Temporary permits.
19.28.241Revocation of certificate of competency -- Grounds -- Procedure.
19.28.251Powers and duties of director -- Administration of RCW 19.28.161 through 19.28.271 by the department.
19.28.261Exemptions from RCW 19.28.161 through 19.28.271.
19.28.271Violations of RCW 19.28.161 through 19.28.271 -- Schedule of penalties -- Appeal.
19.28.281Electric vehicle infrastructure -- Rule adoption.
19.28.291Violations of chapter -- Issuance of subpoenas -- Application.

19.28.301Application -- Subchapter heading.
19.28.311Electrical board.
19.28.321Enforcement -- State electrical inspectors -- Qualifications -- Salaries and expenses.
19.28.331Inspection reports.
19.28.341Revocation or suspension of license -- Grounds -- Appeal to board -- Fee -- Costs.
19.28.351Electrical license fund.
19.28.361Liability for injury or damage.
19.28.371Medical device -- Installation, maintenance, or repair -- Compliance with chapter -- Limit of exemption.
19.28.381Denial of renewal of certificate or license for outstanding penalties -- Notice -- Appeal -- Hearing.
19.28.410Telecommunications systems installations -- Subject to this subchapter.
19.28.420Telecommunications contractor license -- Application -- Bond -- Issuance of license.
19.28.430Administrator's examination -- Certificate -- Administrator's requirements.
19.28.440Examination for telecommunications administrators' certificates.
19.28.450Local enforcement of subchapter -- Enforcement of chapter.
19.28.460Disputes regarding local regulations -- Arbitration -- Panel.
19.28.470Inspections -- Report -- Required repairs/changes -- Accessibility of telecommunications systems.
19.28.480Unlawful acts -- Interpretation of chapter.
19.28.490Violation of chapter -- Penalty -- Appeal.
19.28.501Insurance/financial responsibility.
19.28.511Individual certification not required.
19.28.521Limitation of action -- Proof of valid license required.
19.28.531Unlawful installation/maintenance -- Disputed interpretation -- Board to determine methods.
19.28.541Entity desiring board decision -- Process.
19.28.551Director's authority -- Adoption of rules.
19.28.900Severability -- 1935 c 169.
19.28.910Effective date -- 1963 c 207.
19.28.911Severability -- 1983 c 206.

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State building code: Chapter 19.27 RCW.