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Chapter 19.27A RCW


RCW Sections

19.27A.015State energy code -- Minimum and maximum energy code.
19.27A.020State energy code -- Adoption by state building code council -- Preemption of local residential energy codes.
19.27A.025Nonresidential buildings -- Minimum standards -- Amendments.
19.27A.027Personal wireless service facilities exempt from building envelope insulation requirements.
19.27A.035Payments by electric utilities to owners of residential buildings -- Recovery of expenses -- Effect of Pacific Northwest electric power planning and conservation act -- Expiration of subsections.
19.27A.045Maintaining energy code for residential structures.
19.27A.050State building code council -- Construction -- Inclusion of successor agency.
19.27A.060Hot water heaters -- Temperature regulation.
19.27A.090Portable oil-fueled heaters -- Sales and use -- Approval required.
19.27A.100Portable oil-fueled heaters -- Requirements for approval.
19.27A.110Portable oil-fueled heaters -- Jurisdiction over approval -- Sale and use governed exclusively.
19.27A.120Violations -- Penalty.
19.27A.130Finding -- 2009 c 423.
19.27A.150Strategic plan -- Development and implementation.
19.27A.160Residential and nonresidential construction -- Energy consumption reduction -- Council report.
19.27A.170Qualifying utilities -- Maintenance of records of energy consumption data -- Disclosure.
19.27A.180Energy performance score -- Implementation strategy -- Development and recommendations.
19.27A.190Qualifying public agency duties -- Energy benchmark -- Performance rating -- Reports.

State building code: Chapter 19.27 RCW.