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Chapter 19.27 RCW


RCW Sections

19.27.010Short title.
19.27.020Purposes -- Objectives -- Standards.
19.27.031State building code -- Adoption -- Conflicts -- Opinions.
19.27.035Process for review.
19.27.040Cities and counties authorized to amend state building code -- Limitations.
19.27.042Cities and counties -- Emergency exemptions for housing for indigent persons.
19.27.060Local building regulations superseded -- Exceptions.
19.27.065Exemption -- Temporary growing structures used for commercial production of horticultural plants.
19.27.067Temporary worker housing -- Exemption -- Standards.
19.27.070State building code council -- Established -- Membership -- Travel expenses -- Administrative, clerical assistance.
19.27.074State building code council -- Duties -- Public meetings -- Timing of code changes.
19.27.080Chapters of RCW not affected.
19.27.085Building code council account -- Building permit fee.
19.27.087Building permit and plan review fees -- Agricultural structures.
19.27.090Local jurisdictions reserved.
19.27.095Building permit application -- Consideration -- Requirements.
19.27.097Building permit application -- Evidence of adequate water supply -- Applicability -- Exemption.
19.27.100Cities, towns, counties may impose fees different from state building code.
19.27.110International fire code -- Administration and enforcement by counties, other political subdivisions and municipal corporations -- Fees.
19.27.111RCW 19.27.080 not affected.
19.27.113Automatic fire-extinguishing systems for certain school buildings.
19.27.120Buildings or structures having special historical or architectural significance -- Exception.
19.27.140Copy of permit to county assessor.
19.27.150Report to department of general administration.
19.27.160Counties with populations of from five thousand to less than ten thousand -- Ordinance reenactment.
19.27.170Water conservation performance standards -- Testing and identifying fixtures that meet standards -- Marking and labeling fixtures.
19.27.175Recycled materials -- Study code and adopt changes.
19.27.180Residential buildings moved into a city or county -- Applicability of building codes and electrical installation requirements.
19.27.190Indoor air quality -- Interim and final requirements for maintenance.
19.27.490Fish habitat enhancement project.
19.27.500Nightclubs--Automatic sprinkler system -- Building code council shall adopt rules.
19.27.510"Nightclub" defined.
19.27.520Building constructed, used, or converted to nightclub -- In accordance with chapter.
19.27.530Carbon monoxide alarms -- Requirements -- Exemptions -- Adoption of rules.
19.27.540Electric vehicle infrastructure requirements.

Building permits: RCW 36.21.070 and 36.21.080.

   adoption of building, plumbing, electrical codes, etc: RCW 36.32.120(7).
   building codes: Chapter 36.43 RCW.

Energy-related building standards: Chapter 19.27A RCW.

Underground storage tanks: RCW 90.76.020.