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Chapter 19.122 RCW


RCW Sections

19.122.027One-number locator services -- Single statewide toll-free telephone number.
19.122.030Excavator and facility operator duties before excavation.
19.122.031Exempted activities.
19.122.033Notice of excavation to pipeline companies.
19.122.035Pipeline company duties after notice of excavation -- Examination -- Information of damage -- Notification of local first responders.
19.122.040Underground facilities identified in bid or contract -- Excavator's duty of reasonable care -- Liability for damages -- Attorneys' fees.
19.122.045Exemption from liability.
19.122.050Damage to underground facility -- Notification by excavator -- Repairs or relocation of facility.
19.122.053Report of damage to underground facility.
19.122.055Failure to notify one-number locator service -- Civil penalty, if damages.
19.122.070Civil penalties -- Treble damages -- Existing remedies not affected.
19.122.075Damage or removal of permanent marking -- Civil penalty.
19.122.080Waiver of notification and marking requirements.
19.122.090Excavation without a valid excavation confirmation code -- Penalty.
19.122.100Violation of RCW 19.122.090 -- Affirmative defense.
19.122.110False excavation confirmation code -- Penalty.
19.122.120One-number locator service to provide excavation confirmation code.
19.122.130Commission to contract with nonprofit entity -- Safety committee -- Review of violations of chapter.
19.122.140Commission authority -- Receipt of notification of violation of chapter -- Referral to attorney general.
19.122.150Commission authority -- Violations of chapter -- Imposition of penalties.
19.122.160Damage prevention account.
19.122.170Damage prevention account -- Use of funds.
19.122.180Damage prevention account -- Deposit of penalties.
19.122.900Severability -- 1984 c 144.
19.122.901Short title -- 2011 c 263.