Chapter 19.105 RCW


RCW Sections

19.105.310Unlawful to offer or sell contract unless contract registered -- Exemptions.
19.105.320Registration -- Filings required upon application -- Waiver.
19.105.325Exemptions from chapter.
19.105.330Registration -- Effective, when -- Completed form of application required.
19.105.333Signature of operator, trustee, or holder of power of attorney required on application documentation.
19.105.336Availability of campgrounds to contract purchasers -- Blanket encumbrances -- Penalty for noncompliance.
19.105.340Impounding proceeds from contract sales -- Conditional release of impounded funds -- Funds not subject to lien -- No assignment of impounded or reserved assets.
19.105.345Persons licensed under chapter 18.85 RCW exempt from salesperson registration requirements.
19.105.350Director may require reserve fund by order -- Actions against a registration.
19.105.360Filing of sales literature, contract form, disclosure supplements.
19.105.365Advertising promises of free gifts, awards, or prizes -- Provision of gift or substitute -- Security arrangements after violation -- Advance fees placed in trust -- Membership referral programs considered promotional programs.
19.105.370Purchaser to receive written disclosures from operator or department -- Exemptions.
19.105.380Unprofessional conduct/disciplinary action -- Grounds -- Liability for administrative and legal costs -- Assurances of discontinuance -- Support order, noncompliance.
19.105.390Resort contracts -- Purchaser's cancellation -- Notice -- Statement of right to cancel.
19.105.400Resort contracts -- Voidable -- Estoppel.
19.105.405Purchaser lists -- Authorized uses.
19.105.420Resort contracts -- Registration, duration -- Renewal, amendment -- Renewal of prior permits.
19.105.430Unlawful to act as salesperson without registering -- Exemptions.
19.105.440Registration as salesperson -- Application -- Unprofessional conduct -- Assurances of discontinuance -- Renewal of registration -- Support order, noncompliance.
19.105.450Investigations -- Scope -- Publishing information.
19.105.470Cease and desist orders -- Utilizing temporary order, injunction, restraining order, or writ of mandamus.
19.105.480Violations -- As gross misdemeanors -- Statute of limitations.
19.105.490Violations -- Referral to attorney general or prosecuting attorney.
19.105.500Violations -- Application of consumer protection act.
19.105.510Resort contracts -- Nonapplicability of certain laws -- County and city powers.
19.105.520Unlawful to represent director's administrative approval as determination as to merits of resort -- Penalty.
19.105.530Rules, forms, orders -- Administration of chapter.
19.105.540Administrative procedure act application.
19.105.560Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
19.105.570Military training or experience.
19.105.571Spouses of military personnel -- Registration.
19.105.910Construction -- Chapter as cumulative and nonexclusive.
19.105.920Severability -- 1982 c 69.
19.105.930Effective date -- 1982 c 69.

Exemption of timeshares from chapter: RCW 64.36.290.