Chapter 18.85 RCW


Real estate commission createdQualifications, terms, appointment of membersVacancies.
CommissionCompensation and travel expensesFrequency of meetings.
CommissionEducational conferencesExaminations of applicants for licenses.
CommissionHome inspector referralsProcedures.
DirectorGeneral powers and duties.
Director's seal.
Publication of chapterDistribution.
Controlling interest in a real estate businessProhibited practices.
License feesReal estate commission account.
Director and employees business interest prohibited.
Licensure of town, city, or county employees conducting real estate transactions.
Firm licenseRequirements.
Broker's licenseRequirementsRenewal.
Managing broker's licenseRequirementsRenewal.
Designated brokersRegistrationEndorsements.
Out-of-state licenseesRequirements in lieu of licensing.
Substitution of educational requirementsRules.
Exemptions from licensing.
ExaminationsSample questionsScopeMoneys from sale.
License feesExpirationRenewalIdentification cardsBackground checks.
Responsibility for conduct of subordinates.
LicensesRenewalContinuing education.
LicensesNamesRestrictions as to use.
LicensesOffice or records depositories requiredRecord maintenance and production.
LicensesBranch office.
LicensesChange of location.
Inactive licenses.
Designated broker or managing brokerAuthority and duties.
Transactions and recordkeepingTrust accountsRequirements.
Brokers and managing brokersTermination of affiliation with firmNotice.
Sharing commissions.
Distribution of interest from brokers' trust accounts.
Real estate education program account.
License requiredPrerequisite to suit for commission.
License suspensionNonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
Disciplinary actionGrounds.
Disciplinary actionDirector's delegation of authority.
Disciplinary actionHearingConduct of.
Disciplinary actionOrderAppeal.
Attorney general as legal advisor.
Enforcement provisions.
Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
Fee assessed.
Washington real estate research accountCreation.
Real estate research centerPurpose.
Changes in licensing categoriesEffect on status of proceedings, existing rules, forms, and licenses.
Military training or experience.
Effective date2008 c 23.
Excise tax on real estate sales: Chapter 82.45 RCW.
Real estate salesman or broker on commission not subject to unemployment compensation: RCW 50.04.230.
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