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Chapter 18.79 RCW


RCW Sections

18.79.030Licenses required -- Titles.
18.79.040"Registered nursing practice" defined -- Exceptions.
18.79.050"Advanced registered nursing practice" defined -- Exceptions.
18.79.060"Licensed practical nursing practice" defined -- Exceptions.
18.79.070Commission established -- Membership -- Qualifications.
18.79.080Commission -- Order of removal -- Vacancy.
18.79.090Commission -- Compensation.
18.79.100Commission -- Officers -- Meetings.
18.79.110Commission -- Duties and powers -- Rules -- Successor to boards.
18.79.120Application of Uniform Disciplinary Act.
18.79.140Executive director -- Qualifications.
18.79.150Schools and programs -- Requirements -- Approval.
18.79.160Applicants -- Required documentation -- Criteria -- Rules.
18.79.170Examination -- Rules.
18.79.180Interim permits -- License -- Expiration upon failure.
18.79.190Reciprocity -- Foreign programs -- Examination.
18.79.200License procedures, requirements, fees.
18.79.202License fee surcharge -- Use of proceeds -- Nursing resource center account -- Report to the legislature -- Review -- Rules.
18.79.210License renewal -- Procedures, requirements, fees.
18.79.230Temporary retirement -- Renewal -- Fee -- Qualification.
18.79.250Advanced registered nurse practitioner -- Activities allowed.
18.79.260Registered nurse -- Activities allowed -- Delegation of tasks.
18.79.270Licensed practical nurse -- Activities allowed.
18.79.280Medication, tests, treatments allowed.
18.79.290Catheterization of students -- Rules.
18.79.300Department -- Rules for administration.
18.79.310Rules, regulations, decisions of previous boards -- Effect.
18.79.340Nursing technicians.
18.79.350Nursing technicians -- Nursing functions.
18.79.360Applications for registration as a nursing technician -- Fee.
18.79.370Nursing technicians -- Registration renewal.
18.79.380Licensed practical nurse/nontraditional registered nurse program--Obtaining required clinical experience.
18.79.390Secretary and commission relationship.
18.79.400Pain management rules -- Criteria for new rules.
18.79.410Commission -- Information to legislature.
18.79.900Severability -- 1994 sp.s. c 9.
18.79.901Headings and captions not law -- 1994 sp.s. c 9.
18.79.902Effective date -- 1994 sp.s. c 9.