Chapter 18.51 RCW


RCW Sections

18.51.007Legislative intent.
18.51.009Resident rights.
18.51.030License required.
18.51.040Application for license.
18.51.050License -- Issuance, renewal -- Fee -- Display.
18.51.054Denial of license.
18.51.060Penalties -- Grounds.
18.51.062Temporary managers--Department shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless.
18.51.065Penalties -- Hearing (as amended by 1989 c 175).
18.51.065Penalties -- Hearing (as amended by 1989 c 372).
18.51.067License suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.51.091Inspection of nursing homes and community-based services -- Notice of violations -- Approval of alterations or new facilities.
18.51.140Fire protection -- Duties of chief of the Washington state patrol.
18.51.145Building inspections -- Authority of chief of the Washington state patrol.
18.51.150Operating without license -- Penalty.
18.51.160Operating without license -- Injunction.
18.51.170Application of chapter to homes or institutions operated by certain religious organizations.
18.51.180Outpatient services -- Authorized -- Defined.
18.51.185Outpatient services -- Cost studies -- Vendor rates.
18.51.190Complaint of violation -- Request for inspection -- Notice -- Confidentiality.
18.51.200Preliminary review of complaint -- On-site investigation.
18.51.210Authority to enter and inspect nursing home -- Advance notice -- Defense.
18.51.220Retaliation or discrimination against complainant prohibited, penalty -- Presumption.
18.51.230General inspection before license renewal -- Required -- Advance notice prohibited.
18.51.240Alterations or additions -- Preliminary inspection and approval.
18.51.250Nursing homes without violations -- Public agencies notified -- Priority.
18.51.260Posting citations for violation of RCW 18.51.060.
18.51.270Annual report of citations -- Publication -- Contents.
18.51.280Chapter cumulative.
18.51.290Writings as public records.
18.51.300Retention and preservation of records of patients.
18.51.310Comprehensive plan for utilization review -- Licensing standards -- Regulations.
18.51.320Contact with animals -- Rules.
18.51.350Conflict with federal requirements.
18.51.400Receivership -- Legislative findings.
18.51.410Receivership -- Petition to establish -- Grounds.
18.51.420Receivership -- Defenses to petition.
18.51.430Receivership -- Persons qualified to act as receiver.
18.51.440Receivership -- Judicial hearing.
18.51.450Receivership -- Appointment of receiver.
18.51.460Receivership -- Termination -- Conditions.
18.51.470Receivership -- Accounting of acts and expenditures by receiver.
18.51.480Receivership -- Compensation, liability -- Revision of medicaid reimbursement rate.
18.51.490Receivership -- Powers of receiver.
18.51.500Receivership -- Financial assistance -- Use of revenues and proceeds of facility.
18.51.510Receivership -- State medical assistance.
18.51.520Receivership -- Foreclosures and seizures not allowed.
18.51.530Notice of change of ownership or management.
18.51.540Cost disclosure to attending physicians.
18.51.550Investigation of complaints of violations concerning nursing technicians.
18.51.560Employment of physicians.
18.51.900Severability -- 1951 c 117.
18.51.920Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Birthing centers: Chapter 18.46 RCW.

Boarding homes: Chapter 18.20 RCW.

Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized: RCW 18.29.056.

Labor regulations, collective bargaining -- Health care activities: Chapter 49.66 RCW.

Resident care, operating standards: Chapter 74.42 RCW.