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Chapter 18.50 RCW


RCW Sections

18.50.010Practicing midwifery defined -- Gratuitous services -- Duty to consult with physician.
18.50.020License required.
18.50.030Exemptions -- Practice of religion -- Treatment by prayer.
18.50.032Exemptions -- Registered nurses and nurse midwives.
18.50.034Exemptions -- Persons enrolled in midwifery programs.
18.50.040Candidates for examination -- Application -- Eligibility -- Student midwife permits.
18.50.045Midwifery education programs -- Accreditation.
18.50.050Compliance with secretary's determination.
18.50.060Examinations -- Times and places -- Subjects -- Issuance of license.
18.50.065Credentialing by endorsement.
18.50.102License renewal.
18.50.105Inform patient of qualifications of midwife -- Form.
18.50.108Written plan for consultation, emergency transfer, and transport.
18.50.115Administration of drugs and medications -- Rules.
18.50.126Application of uniform disciplinary act.
18.50.130"Certificate" and "license" synonymous.
18.50.140Midwifery advisory committee -- Generally.
18.50.150Midwifery advisory committee -- Advice and recommendations.
18.50.160Delegation to nurse.
18.50.900Repeal and saving.

Abortion: Chapter 9.02 RCW.

Actions for injuries resulting from health care: Chapter 7.70 RCW.

Crimes relating to pregnancy and childbirth: RCW 9A.32.060.

Filing certificate of birth: RCW 70.58.080.

Health professions account -- Fees credited -- Requirements for biennial budget request -- Unappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.

Record as to patients or inmates for purposes of vital statistics: RCW 70.58.270.

Secretary of health or designee ex officio member of health professional licensure and disciplinary boards: RCW 43.70.300.