Chapter 18.27 RCW


RCW Sections

18.27.005Strict enforcement.
18.27.020Registration required -- Prohibited acts -- Criminal penalty -- Monitoring program.
18.27.030Application for registration -- Grounds for denial and suspension.
18.27.040Bond or other security required -- Actions against -- Suspension of registration upon impairment.
18.27.050Insurance or financial responsibility required -- Suspension of registration upon impairment.
18.27.060Certificate of registration -- Issuance, duration, renewal -- Suspension -- Single registration/licensing document for those qualifying as both general and electrical contractor.
18.27.062Inspection by department -- Subcontractor list -- Certificate of registration.
18.27.065Partnership or joint venture deemed registered, when.
18.27.075Fees for issuing or renewing certificate of registration.
18.27.080Registration prerequisite to suit.
18.27.100Business practices -- Advertising -- Penalty.
18.27.102Unlawful advertising -- Liability.
18.27.104Unlawful advertising -- Citations.
18.27.110Building permits -- Verification of registration required -- Responsibilities of issuing entity -- Penalties.
18.27.111Public works, contracts with unregistered contractors prohibited.
18.27.114Disclosure statement required -- Prerequisite to lien claim.
18.27.117Violations relating to mobile/manufactured homes.
18.27.120List of registered contractors -- Availability, fee.
18.27.130Chapter exclusive -- Certain authority of cities and towns not limited or abridged.
18.27.200Violation -- Infraction.
18.27.205Violations or infractions -- Penalties -- Subject to RCW 39.12.055.
18.27.210Violations -- Investigations -- Evidence.
18.27.215Authority of director -- Evidence.
18.27.220Investigations -- Penalty for failure to identify contractor.
18.27.225Violations -- Restraining orders -- Injunctions.
18.27.230Notice of infraction -- Service.
18.27.240Notice -- Contents.
18.27.250Notice -- Filing -- Administrative hearing -- Appeal.
18.27.260Notice -- Determination infraction committed.
18.27.270Notice -- Response -- Failure to respond, appear, pay penalties, or register.
18.27.290Notice -- Penalty for contractor failing to respond.
18.27.300Representation by attorney, attorney general.
18.27.310Infraction -- Administrative hearing -- Procedure -- Burden of proof -- Order -- Appeal.
18.27.320Infraction -- Dismissal, when.
18.27.340Infraction -- Monetary penalty.
18.27.342Report to the legislature.
18.27.350Violations -- Consumer Protection Act.
18.27.360Certificate of registration suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.27.370Notices of infraction -- Filing -- Warrant -- Notice and order, withhold property -- Service -- Civil penalties.
18.27.380Consumer/contractor awareness of chapter.
18.27.385Marketing campaign.
18.27.390Finding -- Unregistered contractors enforcement team.
18.27.800Report -- 2009 c 432.
18.27.900Severability -- 1963 c 77.

Actions or claims for construction of improvements upon real property, accrual and limitations upon: RCW 4.16.300 through 4.16.320.