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RCW 18.16.180

Salon/shop — Apprenticeship shop — Notice required.

(1) The director shall prepare and provide to all licensed salons/shops a notice to consumers. At a minimum, the notice shall state that cosmetology, barber, esthetics, master esthetics, and manicure salons/shops are required to be licensed, that salons/shops are required to maintain minimum safety and sanitation standards, that customer complaints regarding salons/shops may be reported to the department, and a telephone number and address where complaints may be made.

     (2) An approved apprenticeship shop must post a notice to consumers in the reception area of the salon/shop stating that services may be provided by an apprentice. At a minimum, the notice must state: "This shop is a participant in a state-approved apprenticeship program. Apprentices in this program are in training and have not yet received a license."

[2013 c 187 § 8; 2008 c 20 § 7; 1991 c 324 § 16.]