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Chapter 16.36 RCW

(Formerly Diseases — Quarantine — Garbage feeding)

RCW Sections

16.36.010Quarantine -- Hold order.
16.36.020Powers of director.
16.36.023Fees -- Rules.
16.36.025Recovery of costs.
16.36.040Rules -- Prevention -- Inspections and tests -- Reportable disease -- Federal regulations.
16.36.045Transporting of animals -- Requirements -- Vehicle inspection -- Authorization by director or appointed officers.
16.36.050Unlawful actions -- Importation -- Required certificates -- Intentional or willful misconduct.
16.36.060Tests, examinations, inspections, samples, examine and copy records -- Entry onto property -- Unlawful conduct -- Seizure of property -- Search warrant.
16.36.070Danger of infection -- Emergencies.
16.36.080Veterinarians and others to report diseases -- Director's duties -- Unlawful importation.
16.36.082Infected or exposed animals -- Unlawful to transfer or expose other animals.
16.36.084Duty to report infection or exposure to disease -- Unlawful conduct.
16.36.086Negligence of owner of infected livestock -- Liability.
16.36.090Destruction of diseased or quarantined animals.
16.36.096Destruction of animals -- Payment of indemnity.
16.36.098Quarantine, hold order, or destruct order -- Written request for hearing.
16.36.100Cooperation with other governmental agencies.
16.36.102Duty to bury carcass of diseased livestock -- Dead livestock presumed diseased.
16.36.105Swine, garbage feeding, license -- Application -- Fee -- Inspection.
16.36.110Violations, gross misdemeanor -- Injunction -- Denial, revocation, or suspension of license.
16.36.113Violations of chapter or rules -- Civil penalty -- Moneys collected -- Time and mileage fee.
16.36.116Civil infraction -- Live nonambulatory livestock -- Monetary penalty -- Authorization by director -- Issuance of notices -- Enforcement.
16.36.128Application of Title 77 RCW.
16.36.140Bringing an animal into the state -- Securing a certificate of veterinary inspection required -- Exemptions -- Director's authority -- Rules.
16.36.150Animal disease traceability activities for cattle -- Fee -- Penalty.
16.36.160Activity report and financial statement -- Animal disease traceability activities.

Implied warranty not applying to livestock as free from disease: RCW 62A.2-316.