Chapter 16.08 RCW

(Formerly Dangerous dogs)

RCW Sections

16.08.010Liability for injury to stock by dogs.
16.08.020Dogs injuring stock may be killed.
16.08.030Marauding dog -- Duty of owner to kill.
16.08.040Dog bites -- Liability.
16.08.050Entrance on private property, when lawful.
16.08.060Provocation as a defense.
16.08.070Dangerous dogs and related definitions.
16.08.080Dangerous dogs -- Notice to owners -- Right of appeal -- Certificate of registration required -- Surety bond -- Liability insurance -- Restrictions.
16.08.090Dangerous dogs -- Requirements for restraint -- Potentially dangerous dogs -- Dogs not declared dangerous.
16.08.100Dangerous dogs -- Confiscation -- Conditions -- Duties of animal control authority -- Penalties and affirmative defenses for owners of dogs that attack -- Dog fights, penalty.