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Chapter 15.89 RCW


RCW Sections

15.89.010Legislative declaration.
15.89.025Regulating beer -- Existing comprehensive scheme -- Applicable laws.
15.89.030Washington beer commission created -- Composition.
15.89.040Director's duties -- Referendum of beer producers.
15.89.050Appointment of members -- Terms, travel expenses.
15.89.060Enforcement of commission obligations against commission assets -- Liability of commission members and employees.
15.89.070Commission powers and duties.
15.89.073Commission's plans, programs, and projects -- Director's approval required.
15.89.075Commission speaks for state -- Director's oversight.
15.89.080Research, promotional, and educational campaign.
15.89.090Campaign goals.
15.89.100List of producers of beer -- Reporting system.
15.89.110Annual assessment on beer production -- Approval by referendum -- Rules.
15.89.120Deposit of money.
15.89.130Assessment constitutes debt -- Penalty for nonpayment -- Civil action.
15.89.140Certain records exempt from public disclosure -- Exceptions.
15.89.150Costs -- Funding staff support -- Rules.
15.89.170Prosecution -- Enforcement by superior courts.
15.89.900Construction -- 2006 c 330.
15.89.901Severability -- 2006 c 330.