Chapter 15.60 RCW


RCW Sections

15.60.010Apiary advisory committee.
15.60.021Registration of hives.
15.60.031Late registration fee.
15.60.040Money collected under chapter -- Placement -- Disbursement.
15.60.055Violations -- Penalty.
15.60.065Apiary coordinated areas -- Hearing to establish.
15.60.075Apiary coordinated areas -- Order describing.
15.60.085Apiary coordinated areas -- Boundary change procedure.
15.60.095Apiary coordinated areas within certain counties.
15.60.900Severability -- 1977 ex.s. c 362.
15.60.901Effective date -- 2000 c 100.

Honey, standards and marketing: Chapter 69.28 RCW.

Honey bee commission: Chapter 15.62 RCW.