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Chapter 15.44 RCW


RCW Sections

15.44.015Regulating dairy products -- Commission created -- Existing comprehensive scheme -- Laws applicable.
15.44.020Commission composition.
15.44.021Director appoints members -- Nominations -- Advisory vote.
15.44.022Transition to defined districts and areas.
15.44.023Associations with same objective -- Dual membership -- Contracting.
15.44.027Appointment of producer member -- Commission's authority -- Reasonably equal producer representation.
15.44.030Member qualifications.
15.44.032Terms -- Vacancies.
15.44.033Nomination and appointment procedure.
15.44.035Producer lists -- Each producer responsible for accuracy -- Use of lists.
15.44.038Quorum -- Compensation -- Travel expenses.
15.44.040Copies of records as evidence.
15.44.050Manager -- Secretary-treasurer -- Treasurer's bond.
15.44.055Members -- Removal from commission -- Process.
15.44.060Powers and duties.
15.44.061Commission's plans, programs, and projects -- Director's approval required.
15.44.062Commission speaks for state -- Director's oversight.
15.44.063Reimbursement for costs.
15.44.065Commission may establish foundations.
15.44.070Rules or orders to be filed and published -- Rule-making exemptions.
15.44.080Assessments on milk and cream -- Amounts -- Increases -- Producer referendum.
15.44.085Assessments on class I or class II milk.
15.44.087Class I and class II milk defined.
15.44.090Collection of assessments -- Lien.
15.44.100Records of dealers, shippers -- Preservation -- Inspection.
15.44.110Reports of dealers and shippers to commission -- Subpoenas.
15.44.130Research, advertising, educational campaign -- Increase or decrease of assessments -- Procedure.
15.44.133Promotional hosting expenditures -- Rules.
15.44.140Authority to inspect premises and records -- Subpoenas.
15.44.150Action against commission enforced as if a corporation -- Liability -- Limitations.
15.44.160Enforcement of chapter.
15.44.180Jurisdiction of courts.
15.44.185Certain records exempt from public disclosure -- Exceptions -- Actions not prohibited by chapter.
15.44.190Funding staff support -- Rules.
15.44.195Costs of implementing RCW 15.44.061.
15.44.901Severability -- 2004 c 99.
15.44.910Liberal construction.

General obligation bonds: Chapter 43.99I RCW.