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Chapter 15.28 RCW


RCW Sections

15.28.015Regulating soft tree fruits -- Commission created -- Existing comprehensive scheme -- Applicable laws.
15.28.020Commission composition -- Voting -- Quorum.
15.28.023Director appoints members -- Nominations -- Advisory vote.
15.28.024Transition to director appointed commission.
15.28.030Qualifications of voting members.
15.28.040Appointment of voting members -- Positions.
15.28.050Terms of office.
15.28.055Terms of present members.
15.28.060Nominating meetings -- Notice -- Appointment -- Ballots -- Advisory vote -- Eligible voters.
15.28.070Establishment of subdistricts -- Rules and regulations.
15.28.080Vacancies on commission -- How filled.
15.28.090Compensation of members -- Travel expenses.
15.28.100Powers of commission.
15.28.103Commission's plans, programs, and projects -- Director's approval required.
15.28.105Commission speaks for state -- Director's oversight.
15.28.110Duties of commission.
15.28.120Copies of records as evidence.
15.28.130State, personal, nonliability -- Obligations limited by collections -- Defense to certain civil or criminal actions.
15.28.140District advisory and state commodity committees.
15.28.150Committee organization -- Duties.
15.28.160Annual assessment -- Exemption -- Brined sweet cherries assessable.
15.28.170Research and advertising -- Power to increase assessment.
15.28.180Increase of assessment for specific fruit or classification -- Procedure.
15.28.190Deposit of funds -- Treasurer's bond.
15.28.200Use of funds -- Contributions.
15.28.210Records kept -- Preservation -- Inspection of.
15.28.220Returns to commission.
15.28.230Due date of assessments -- Delinquent penalty.
15.28.240Collection rules -- Use of "stamps."
15.28.250Responsibility for payment of assessments -- Due upon receipt -- Delinquencies -- Civil action.
15.28.260Publications by commission -- Subscriptions.
15.28.270Violations -- Penalty.
15.28.280Venue of actions -- Jurisdiction of courts.
15.28.290Duty to enforce.
15.28.300Rules and regulations -- Filing -- Publication.
15.28.305Rule making -- Exemptions.
15.28.310Authority to agents of commission to inspect.
15.28.315Certain records exempt from public disclosure -- Exceptions -- Actions not prohibited by chapter.
15.28.320Funding staff support -- Rules.
15.28.325Costs of implementing RCW 15.28.103.
15.28.901Severability -- 2004 c 99.
15.28.910Liberal construction.