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Chapter 15.24 RCW

(Formerly Apple advertising commission)

RCW Sections

15.24.015Commission -- Purpose.
15.24.020Commission created -- Generally.
15.24.030Members -- Appointment -- Terms -- District representation -- Meetings.
15.24.033Members -- Transition to appointed commission -- Appointments by director.
15.24.035Members -- Appointments by director -- Advisory ballot.
15.24.040Members -- Nominations to the advisory ballot.
15.24.045Members -- Removal from commission -- Process.
15.24.050Vacancies -- Quorum -- Compensation -- Travel expenses.
15.24.060Commission records as evidence.
15.24.065Plans, programs, and projects -- Approval by director.
15.24.070Powers and duties -- Agency of state government.
15.24.073Rule-making proceedings -- Exemptions.
15.24.080Research, advertising, and educational campaign -- Beneficial purposes.
15.24.086Promotional printing contracts -- Contractual conditions of employment.
15.24.090Decrease or increase in assessments -- Grounds -- Procedure -- Oversight by director.
15.24.100Assessments levied -- Procedure for eliminating assessment.
15.24.110Collection of assessments -- Due prior to shipment -- Stamps -- Rule-making exemption -- Assessment imposed under RCW 15.26.120.
15.24.120Records kept by dealers, handlers, processors.
15.24.130Returns rendered by dealers, handlers, processors.
15.24.140Right to inspect.
15.24.150Treasurer -- Bond -- Duties -- Funds.
15.24.160Promotional plans -- Purpose -- Authority of commission -- Limitation on liability.
15.24.170Rules and regulations -- Filing -- Publication.
15.24.190Claims enforceable against commission assets -- Nonliability of other persons and entities -- Exception -- Application of chapter 4.92 RCW.
15.24.215Funding staff support -- Rules.
15.24.800Financing assistance for commission building.
15.24.802General obligation bonds to fund commission building.
15.24.804Bond issuance and sale.
15.24.806Bond proceeds, etc., to state building construction account.
15.24.808Expenditure of bond proceeds.
15.24.810Fund for payment of bond principal and interest.
15.24.812Certification and payment of bond principal and interest.
15.24.814RCW 15.24.810 and 15.24.812 not exclusive method of payment.
15.24.816Bonds constitute legal investments for state and other public funds.
15.24.818Bonds to be issued only after certification of sufficiency of funds.
15.24.900Purpose of chapter -- Regulation of apples and apple products -- Existing comprehensive scheme -- Applicable laws.
15.24.910Liberal construction.
15.24.920Severability -- 1967 c 240.
15.24.921Severability -- 2004 c 178.

Investment of agricultural commodity commission funds in savings or time deposits of banks, trust companies and mutual savings banks: RCW 15.66.185.