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Chapter 15.13 RCW


RCW Sections

15.13.260Enforcement -- Rules -- Scope.
15.13.262Application of administrative procedure act.
15.13.265Enforcement--Access to nursery dealer premises -- Inspection.
15.13.270Nursery dealer licensing exemptions -- Permits for clubs, conservation districts, nonprofit associations, educational organizations.
15.13.280Nursery dealer licenses -- Farmers markets--Application -- Fees -- Expiration -- Posting -- Audit.
15.13.285Nursery dealer licenses -- Fee surcharge.
15.13.290Nursery dealer licenses -- Additional charge for late renewal.
15.13.300Nursery dealer licenses -- Application -- Contents.
15.13.310Assessment on gross sale price of wholesale market value of certain horticultural plants -- Method for determining -- Due date -- Gross sale period -- Audit.
15.13.311Christmas tree grower exemptions -- License -- Fees.
15.13.312Christmas tree grower license -- Application.
15.13.314Christmas tree program -- Advisory committee.
15.13.315Grapevine certification and nursery improvement program -- Advisory committee.
15.13.320Fruit tree certification and nursery improvement program -- Advisory committee.
15.13.335Nursery advisory committee -- Members -- Terms.
15.13.340Late fee on delinquent assessments.
15.13.360Hearings -- Subpoenas.
15.13.370Request by licensee for inspector's services during shipping season -- Certificate of inspection -- Other requests for inspection and/or certification services -- Fees.
15.13.380Inspection fees -- When due and payable -- Arrears.
15.13.390Unlawful selling, shipment, or transport of horticultural plants or Christmas trees within state, when.
15.13.400Unlawful shipment or delivery of horticultural plants into state, when -- Certificate and inspection requirements -- Christmas trees -- Rules -- Hearing.
15.13.410Shipments into state to be marked or tagged.
15.13.420Unlawful acts enumerated.
15.13.425False advertisements.
15.13.430Hold order on damaged, infested, or infected horticultural plants or Christmas trees -- Selling or moving unlawful.
15.13.440Order of condemnation -- Grounds for issuance.
15.13.445Order or action of director--Hearing opportunity.
15.13.447Prohibition on recovery of damages.
15.13.450Injunction to prevent violations.
15.13.455Injunction to restrain operation as nursery dealer or Christmas tree grower without valid license -- Costs, attorneys' fees, and expenses.
15.13.470Disposition of moneys collected under chapter -- Expenditure.
15.13.477Compliance agreements.
15.13.480Cooperative contracts or agreements to further chapter--Agreements to facilitate export.
15.13.490Compliance with chapter -- Violation -- Penalties.
15.13.500Suspension of license -- Reissuance.
15.13.920Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.
15.13.940Severability -- 1971 ex.s. c 33.

     Prior law: 1961 c 11 §§ 15.12.010 through 15.12.110; 1961 c 221 §§ 1 through 23 (codified as RCW 15.13.010 through 15.13.210,15.13.900 , and 15.13.910).