Chapter 15.100 RCW


RCW Sections

15.100.030Washington forest products commission -- Created -- Membership -- Quorum -- Terms.
15.100.040Initial meeting -- Nominations for initial election of members -- Subsequent efforts when approval not given.
15.100.043Costs of proceeding to form a commission -- Reimbursement.
15.100.050After initial election of members -- Rules -- Annual meetings -- Public notice.
15.100.060Vacancies -- Compensation.
15.100.070Obligations of commission -- Limitations on liabilities or claims -- State -- Individual capacity.
15.100.080Powers and duties of commission.
15.100.090Research, promotional, and educational campaigns.
15.100.100List of all Washington producers -- Confidential -- Reporting system for assessment purposes.
15.100.110Assessment for permanent funding of commission -- Adjustments -- Referendum.
15.100.120Establishment of commission and initial assessment -- Statewide referendum among producers.
15.100.130Deposit of moneys collected -- Appropriation not required.
15.100.140Assessment -- Personal debt -- Payable when called -- Failure to pay -- Civil action.
15.100.150Enforcement of chapter.
15.100.160Superior courts -- Jurisdiction.
15.100.901Severability -- 2001 c 314.