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Chapter 13.36 RCW


RCW Sections

13.36.010Finding -- Intent.
13.36.030Guardianship petition -- Requirements -- Contents -- Application of Indian child welfare act, federal servicemembers civil relief act, Washington service members' civil relief act.
13.36.040Hearing -- Establishing guardianship -- Exceptions -- Conversion of dependency guardianship to guardianship.
13.36.050Court order to establish guardianship -- Contents -- Custody, rights, and duties -- Funds, benefits -- Dismissal of dependency -- Letter.
13.36.060Guardianship modification -- Attorneys' fees, court costs.
13.36.070Guardianship termination -- Petition, affidavit.
13.36.080Appointment of guardian ad litem or attorney for the child.
13.36.090Guardianship subsidies -- Relative guardianship subsidy--Rules -- Licensed foster parent eligibility.