Chapter 13.34 RCW


RCW Sections

13.34.010Short title.
13.34.020Legislative declaration of family unit as resource to be nurtured -- Rights of child.
13.34.025Child dependency cases -- Coordination of services -- Remedial services.
13.34.035Standard court forms -- Rules -- Administrative office of the courts to develop and establish -- Failure to use or follow -- Distribution.
13.34.040Petition to court to deal with dependent child -- Application of federal Indian child welfare act.
13.34.045Educational liaison -- Identification.
13.34.046Educational liaison -- Responsibilities -- Background checks.
13.34.050Court order to take child into custody, when -- Hearing.
13.34.055Custody by law enforcement officer -- Release from liability.
13.34.060Shelter care -- Placement -- Custody -- Duties of parties.
13.34.062Shelter care -- Notice of custody and rights.
13.34.065Shelter care -- Hearing -- Recommendation as to further need -- Release.
13.34.067Shelter care -- Case conference -- Service agreement.
13.34.069Shelter care -- Order and authorization of health care and education records.
13.34.070Summons when petition filed -- Service procedure -- Hearing, when -- Contempt upon failure to appear -- Required notice regarding Indian children.
13.34.080Summons when petition filed -- Publication of notice.
13.34.090Rights under chapter proceedings.
13.34.092Rights under chapter proceedings -- Appointment of counsel -- Notice.
13.34.094Description of services provided to parents.
13.34.096Right to be heard -- Notice.
13.34.100Appointment of guardian ad litem -- Background information -- Rights -- Notification and inquiry -- Appointment of attorney for child -- Review.
13.34.102Guardian ad litem -- Training -- Registry -- Selection -- Substitution -- Exception.
13.34.105Guardian ad litem -- Duties -- Immunity -- Access to information.
13.34.107Guardian ad litem -- Ex parte communications -- Removal.
13.34.108Guardian ad litem -- Fees.
13.34.110Hearings -- Fact-finding and disposition -- Time and place, notice.
13.34.115Hearings -- Public excluded when in the best interests of the child--Notes and records -- Video recordings.
13.34.120Social study and reports made available at disposition hearing -- Contents -- Notice to parents.
13.34.125Voluntary adoption plan -- Consideration of preferences for proposed placement.
13.34.130Order of disposition for a dependent child, alternatives -- Petition seeking termination of parent-child relationship -- Placement with relatives, foster family home, group care facility, or other suitable persons -- Placement of an Indian child in out-of-home care -- Contact with siblings.
13.34.132Petition seeking termination of parent-child relationship -- Requirements.
13.34.134Permanent placement of child.
13.34.136Permanency plan of care.
13.34.138Review hearings -- Findings -- Duties of parties involved -- In-home placement requirements -- Housing assistance.
13.34.141Entry, order of disposition -- Parent, guardian, or custodian of child to engage in services and maintain contact with child -- Notice.
13.34.142Current placement episode -- Calculation.
13.34.145Permanency planning hearing -- Purpose -- Time limits -- Goals -- Review hearing -- Petition for termination of parental rights -- Guardianship petition -- Agency responsibility to provide services to parents -- Due process rights.
13.34.150Modification of orders.
13.34.155Concurrent jurisdiction over nonparental actions for child custody (as amended by 2009 c 520).
13.34.155Concurrent jurisdiction over nonparental actions for child custody -- Establishment or modification of parenting plan (as amended by 2009 c 526).
13.34.160Order of support for dependent child.
13.34.161Order of support for dependent child -- Noncompliance -- Enforcement of judgment.
13.34.165Civil contempt -- Grounds -- Motion -- Penalty -- Detention review hearing.
13.34.174Order of alcohol or substance abuse diagnostic investigation and evaluation -- Treatment plan -- Breach of plan -- Reports.
13.34.176Violation of alcohol or substance abuse treatment conditions -- Hearing -- Notice -- Modification of order.
13.34.180Order terminating parent and child relationship -- Petition -- Filing -- Allegations.
13.34.190Order terminating parent and child relationship -- Findings.
13.34.200Order terminating parent and child relationship -- Rights of parties when granted.
13.34.210Order terminating parent and child relationship -- Custody where no one has parental rights.
13.34.215Petition reinstating terminated parental rights -- Notice -- Achievement of permanency plan -- Effect of granting the petition -- Hearing -- Child support liability -- Retroactive application -- Limitation on liability.
13.34.232Guardianship for dependent child -- Order, contents -- Rights and duties of dependency guardian.
13.34.233Guardianship for dependent child -- Modification or termination of order -- Hearing -- Termination of guardianship.
13.34.234Guardianship for dependent child -- Dependency guardianship subsidies.
13.34.235Guardianship for dependent child -- Review hearing requirements not applicable -- Exception.
13.34.237Guardianship for dependent child -- Subject to dependency and termination of parent-child relationship provisions -- Exceptions -- Request to convert dependency guardianship to guardianship -- Dismissal of dependency.
13.34.240Acts, records, and proceedings of Indian tribe or band given full faith and credit.
13.34.245Voluntary consent to foster care placement for Indian child -- Validation -- Withdrawal of consent -- Termination.
13.34.260Foster home placement -- Parental preferences -- Foster parent contact with birth parents encouraged.
13.34.265Foster home placement -- Considerations.
13.34.267Extended foster care services -- Maintenance of dependency proceeding -- Placement, care of youth -- Appointment of counsel -- Case plan.
13.34.268Extended foster care services -- Voluntary placement agreement -- Decline -- Petition for dependency.
13.34.270Child with developmental disability -- Out-of-home placement -- Permanency planning hearing.
13.34.300Relevance of failure to cause juvenile to attend school to neglect petition.
13.34.315Health care -- Evaluation and treatment.
13.34.320Inpatient mental health treatment -- When parental consent required -- Hearing.
13.34.330Inpatient mental health treatment -- Placement.
13.34.340Release of records -- Disclosure to treating physician.
13.34.350Dependent children -- Information sharing -- Guidelines.
13.34.360Transfer of newborn to qualified person -- Criminal liability -- Notification to child protective services -- Definitions.
13.34.370Evaluation of parties -- Selection of evaluators.
13.34.380Visitation policies and protocols -- Development -- Elements.
13.34.385Petition for visitation -- Relatives of dependent children -- Notice -- Modification of order -- Effect of granting the petition -- Retroactive application.
13.34.390Comprehensive services for drug-affected and alcohol-affected mothers and infants.
13.34.400Child welfare proceedings -- Placement -- Documentation.
13.34.410Psychosexual evaluation.
13.34.800Drug-affected and alcohol-affected infants -- Model project.
13.34.801Rules -- Definition of "drug-affected infant."
13.34.802Rules -- Definition of "alcohol-affected infant."
13.34.820Permanency for dependent children -- Annual report.
13.34.830Child protection and child welfare -- Racial disproportionality -- Evaluation -- Report.
13.34.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Family preservation services: Chapter 74.14C RCW.

Foster placement prevention: Chapter 74.14C RCW.

Implementation of chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW: RCW 74.13.036.

Information about rights: RCW 26.44.100 through 26.44.120.

Juvenile may be both dependent and an offender: RCW 13.04.300.

Out-of-home care -- Social study required: RCW 74.13.065.

Out-of-home placement: RCW 13.32A.140 through 13.32A.190.

Procedures for families in conflict, interstate compact to apply, when: RCW 13.32A.110.

Therapeutic family home program for youth in custody under chapter 13.34 RCW: RCW 74.13.170.

Transitional living programs for youth in the process of being emancipated: RCW 74.13.037.