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Chapter 11.48 RCW


RCW Sections

11.48.010General powers and duties.
11.48.020Right to possession and management of estate.
11.48.025Continuation of decedent's business.
11.48.030Chargeable with whole estate.
11.48.040Not chargeable on special promise to pay decedent's debts unless in writing.
11.48.050Allowance of necessary expenses.
11.48.060May recover for embezzled or alienated property of decedent.
11.48.070Concealed or embezzled property -- Proceedings for discovery.
11.48.080Uncollectible debts -- Liability -- Purchase of claims by personal representative.
11.48.090Actions for recovery of property and on contract.
11.48.120Action on bond of previous personal representative.
11.48.130Compromise of claims.
11.48.140Recovery of decedent's fraudulent conveyances.
11.48.150Several personal representatives considered as one.
11.48.160Default judgment not evidence of assets -- Exception.
11.48.180Liability of executor de son tort.
11.48.190Executor of executor may not sue for estate of first testator.
11.48.200Arrest and attachment, when, authorized.
11.48.210Compensation -- Attorney's fees.

Rules of court: Executors
   compromises and settlements: SPR 98.08W, 98.10W.
   fees, application for, notice: SPR 98.12W.

Costs against fiduciaries: RCW 4.84.150.

District judge without jurisdiction as to actions against personal representative: RCW 3.66.030.

Ejectment and quieting title: Chapter 7.28 RCW.

Evidence, transaction with person since deceased: RCW 5.60.030.

Execution of writ -- Levy: RCW 6.17.130.

Execution on judgments in name of personal representative: RCW 6.17.030.

Executor, administrator, subject to garnishment: RCW 6.27.050.

Fiduciary may sue in own name: Rules of court: CR 17.

Frauds, statute of, agreement of personal representative to answer damages from own estate: RCW 19.36.010.

Investment in certain federal securities authorized: Chapter 39.60 RCW.

Judgment against executor, administrator, effect: RCW 4.56.050.

Larceny: RCW 9A.56.100.

Limitation of actions
   against executor, administrator for misconduct: RCW 4.16.110.
   generally: Chapter 4.16 RCW.
   recovery of realty sold by personal representative: RCW 4.16.070.
   statutes tolled by death, personal disability, reversal of judgment: RCW 4.16.190, 4.16.200, 4.16.240.

Real estate broker's license requirement, exemption: RCW 18.85.151.

Replacement of lost or destroyed probate records: RCW 5.48.060.

Setoff, by and against executors, administrators: RCW 4.32.130, 4.32.140, 4.56.050.

Survival of actions: Chapter 4.20 RCW.

"Taxable person," personal representative defined as: RCW 82.04.030.

Unknown heirs, pleading, lis pendens, etc: RCW 4.28.140 through 4.28.160; Rules of court: CR 10.

Witnesses, competency in actions involving representatives or fiduciaries: RCW 5.60.030.