Chapter 11.100 RCW


RCW Sections

11.100.010Provisions of chapter to control -- Alteration by controlling instrument.
11.100.015Guardians, guardianships and funds are subject to chapter.
11.100.020Management of trust assets by fiduciary.
11.100.023Authority of fiduciary to invest in certain enterprises.
11.100.025Spousal or domestic partnership deduction interests.
11.100.030Investment in savings accounts -- Requirements.
11.100.035Investments in securities of certain investment trusts.
11.100.037Investment or distribution of funds held in fiduciary capacity -- Deposit in other departments authorized -- Collateral security required, exception.
11.100.040Court may permit deviation from terms of trust instrument.
11.100.045Fiduciary -- Duty to beneficiaries.
11.100.047Fiduciary -- Duty to diversify.
11.100.050Scope of chapter.
11.100.060Fiduciary may hold and retain trust property -- Investments -- Liability.
11.100.070Meaning of terms in trust instrument.
11.100.090Dealings with self or affiliate.
11.100.120Use of trust funds for life insurance.
11.100.130Person to whom power or authority to direct or control acts of fiduciary or investments of a trust is conferred deemed a fiduciary -- Liability.
11.100.140Notice and procedure for nonroutine transactions.

Trust provisions may relieve trustee from duty, restriction, or liability imposed by statute: RCW 11.97.010.