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Chapter 10.79 RCW


RCW Sections

10.79.015Other grounds for issuance of search warrant.
10.79.020To whom directed -- Contents.
10.79.035Issuance of search warrants by magistrates.
10.79.040Search without warrant unlawful--Penalty.
10.79.050Restoration of stolen property to owner -- Duties of officers.
10.79.060Strip, body cavity searches -- Legislative intent.
10.79.070Strip, body cavity searches -- Definitions.
10.79.080Strip, body cavity searches -- Warrant, authorization, report.
10.79.090Strip, body cavity searches -- Medical care not precluded.
10.79.100Strip, body cavity searches -- Standards for conducting.
10.79.110Strip, body cavity searches -- Actions for damages, injunctive relief.
10.79.120Strip, body cavity searches -- Application of RCW 10.79.130 through 10.79.160.
10.79.130Strip, body cavity searches -- Warrant required -- Exceptions.
10.79.140Strip, body cavity searches -- Uncategorized searches -- Determination of reasonable suspicion, probable cause -- Less-intrusive alternatives.
10.79.150Strip, body cavity searches -- Written record required, contents -- Unnecessary persons prohibited.
10.79.160Strip, body cavity searches -- Physical examinations for public health purposes excluded.
10.79.170Strip, body cavity searches -- Nonliability when search delayed.

Rules of court: Search and seizure -- CrR 2.3; CrRLJ 2.3.

Alcoholic beverage control, search and seizure: Chapter 66.32 RCW.

Controlled substances, search and seizure: RCW 69.50.509.