Chapter 10.77 RCW


RCW Sections

10.77.020Rights of person under this chapter.
10.77.025Maximum term of commitment or treatment.
10.77.027Eligible for commitment regardless of cause.
10.77.030Establishing insanity as a defense.
10.77.040Instructions to jury on special verdict.
10.77.050Mental incapacity as bar to proceedings.
10.77.060Plea of not guilty due to insanity -- Doubt as to competency -- Evaluation -- Bail -- Report.
10.77.065Mental condition evaluations -- Reports and recommendations required -- Discharge of defendant when determined competent to stand trial.
10.77.068Competency to stand trial, admissions for inpatient services -- Performance targets -- Duties of the department -- Report -- New entitlement or cause of action not created -- No basis for contempt or motion to dismiss.
10.77.070Examination rights of defendant's expert or professional person.
10.77.073Competency to stand trial -- Evaluation -- Appointment of qualified expert or professional person.
10.77.080Motion for acquittal on grounds of insanity -- Hearing -- Findings.
10.77.084Stay of proceedings -- Treatment -- Restoration of competency -- Commitment -- Other procedures.
10.77.0845Evaluation and determination of individual with developmental disability -- Program placement -- Admissions, limitation.
10.77.086Commitment -- Procedure in felony charge.
10.77.088Placement -- Procedure in nonfelony charge.
10.77.091Placement -- Secure facility -- Treatment and rights -- Custody -- Reports.
10.77.092Involuntary medication--Serious offenses.
10.77.093Involuntary medication--Civil commitment.
10.77.094Antipsychotic medication, administration.
10.77.095Findings -- Developmental disabilities.
10.77.097Records and reports accompany defendant upon transfer.
10.77.100Experts or professional persons as witnesses.
10.77.110Acquittal of crime.
10.77.120Care and treatment of committed person -- Hearings -- Release.
10.77.140Periodic examinations -- Developmentally disabled -- Reports -- Notice to court.
10.77.145Authorization to leave facility where person is confined prohibited -- Exceptions -- Approval by secretary -- Notification to county or city law enforcement agency.
10.77.150Conditional release -- Application -- Secretary's recommendation -- Order -- Procedure.
10.77.152Conditional release -- Application -- County of origin.
10.77.155Conditional release, furlough -- Secretary's recommendation.
10.77.160Conditional release -- Reports.
10.77.163Furlough -- Notice -- Temporary restraining order.
10.77.165Escape or disappearance -- Notification requirements.
10.77.170Payments to conditionally released persons.
10.77.180Conditional release -- Periodic review of case.
10.77.190Conditional release -- Revocation or modification of terms -- Procedure.
10.77.195Conditional release -- Court approval -- Compliance -- Secretary to coordinate with designated treatment providers, department of corrections staff, and local law enforcement -- Rules.
10.77.200Release -- Procedure.
10.77.205Sexual or violent offenders -- Notice of release, escape, etc. -- Definitions.
10.77.207Persons acquitted of sex offense due to insanity -- Release of information authorized.
10.77.210Right to adequate care and treatment -- Records and reports.
10.77.2101Implementation of legislative intent.
10.77.220Incarceration in correctional institution or facility prohibited -- Exceptions.
10.77.230Appellate review.
10.77.240Existing rights not affected.
10.77.250Responsibility for costs -- Reimbursement.
10.77.260Violent act -- Presumptions.
10.77.270Independent public safety review panel -- Members -- Secretary to submit recommendation -- Access to records -- Support, rules -- Report.
10.77.810Joint legislative audit and review committee assessment -- Report.
10.77.820Washington state institute for public policy study -- Report.
10.77.900Savings -- Construction -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 117.
10.77.910Severability -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 117.
10.77.920Chapter successor to chapter 10.76 RCW.
10.77.930Effective date -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 117.
10.77.940Equal application of 1989 c 420 -- Evaluation for developmental disability.
10.77.950Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Rules of court: Cf. CrR 4.2(c).

Individuals with mental illness, commitment: Chapter 71.05 RCW.

Protocols required: RCW 71.05.214.