Chapter 10.73 RCW


RCW Sections

10.73.010Appeal by defendant.
10.73.040Bail pending appeal.
10.73.090Collateral attack -- One year time limit.
10.73.100Collateral attack -- When one year limit not applicable.
10.73.110Collateral attack -- One year time limit -- Duty of court to advise defendant.
10.73.120Collateral attack -- One year time limit -- Duty of department of corrections to advise.
10.73.130Collateral attack -- One year time limit -- Applicability.
10.73.140Collateral attack -- Subsequent petitions.
10.73.150Right to counsel.
10.73.160Court fees and costs.
10.73.170DNA testing requests.
10.73.900Severability -- 1989 c 395.

Effect of appellate review by defendant: RCW 9.95.060, 9.95.062.