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Chapter 10.05 RCW


RCW Sections

10.05.010Petition -- Eligibility.
10.05.015Statement of availability.
10.05.020Requirements of petition -- Rights of petitioner -- Court findings.
10.05.030Arraignment continued -- Treatment referral.
10.05.040Investigation and examination.
10.05.050Report to court -- Recommended treatment plan -- Commitment to provide treatment.
10.05.055Child welfare services.
10.05.060Procedure upon approval of plan.
10.05.070Arraignment when treatment rejected.
10.05.080Evidence, uses and admissibility.
10.05.090Procedure upon breach of treatment plan.
10.05.100Conviction of similar offense.
10.05.110Trial delay not grounds for dismissal.
10.05.120Dismissal of charges.
10.05.130Services provided for indigent defendants.
10.05.140Conditions of granting.
10.05.150Alcoholism program requirements.
10.05.160Appeal of deferred prosecution order.
10.05.170Supervision as condition -- Levy of assessment.