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RCW 10.01.200

Registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders—Notice to defendants.

The court shall provide written notification to any defendant charged with a sex offense or kidnapping offense of the registration requirements of RCW 9A.44.130. Such notice shall be included on any guilty plea forms and judgment and sentence forms provided to the defendant.
[1997 c 113 § 5; 1990 c 3 § 404.]
Reviser's note: The definitions in RCW 9A.44.128 apply to this section.
Findings1997 c 113: See note following RCW 4.24.550.
Index, part headings not lawSeverabilityEffective datesApplication1990 c 3: See RCW 18.155.900 through 18.155.902.
Sex offense and kidnapping offense defined: RCW 9A.44.128.