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Chapter 1.20 RCW


State flag.
Display of national and state flags.
Display of national league of families' POW/MIA flag.
State tree.
State grass.
State flower.
State fruit.
State marine mammal.
State endemic mammal.
State bird.
State fossil.
State fish.
State insect.
Standard timeDaylight saving time.
Daylight saving time.
Arbor day.
State song.
State songProceeds from sale.
State folk song.
State dance.
State seal.
State gem.
Diverse cultures and languages encouragedState policy.
State tartan.
State arboretum.
Preferred terminology in government documents.
State vegetable.
State amphibian.
State ship.
State waterfall.
State oyster.
Design of state seal: State Constitution Art. 18 § 1.
State boundaries: State Constitution Art. 24 § 1 (Amendment 33).